7 Quick Takes… Good News/Bad News edition


Good News/Bad News edition


I’m “making movies.”  Meaning I’m putting together DVDs for the Alice performance.  The good news is that I have iMovie and iDVD to make it easier for me.  The bad news is that I’m still not getting iDVD.  Soon.  Very soon. It was really fun editing the videos and putting credits in at the end. I got the Disney font and used that, so the credits look pretty neat, if I do say so myself.


It is Friday!  The good news is that tomorrow we have the “Jack” performances (2 of them), so we’ll be done at the theater until “Go, Dog, Go!” auditions.  The bad news is that there is only a month until those auditions.


As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t have lesson plans finished.  The good news is that the girls are going to be home next week (see #2) so they can help keep TheBoy occupied while I work on them.   The bad news is that I’ll be spending our last (or one of our last) weeks of summer vacation working, working, working.


We really need rain.  The good news is that my weather widget says it is supposed to rain today (maybe even storm?).  The bad news is that we decided not to water the lawn last night, so it probably won’t rain here.


Chief’s new job involves some travel.  Nothing extensive.  The good news is that in October, Chief will be traveling to SoldierBoy’s duty station AND he will be there for SoldierBoy’s birthday!!!! The bad news that The Queen of Hearts and SoldierBoy have the same birthday, so Chief will not be here for the Queen of Hearts’ 16th birthday.  The Queen of Hearts said she would be disappointed about Chief missing her birthday if he was going any place else.  As it is, she’s really happy for Chief and SoldierBoy to be able to spend that day together ~ well, part of it.  It is a work day, so they’ll have to catch up in the evening.


CarKiller finally had his follow up appointment for his bone scan.  The good news is that he does not have a fracture in his hip.  The bad news is that he actually has a hernia!  The doctor did not recommend surgery.  Hmmmm.


Chief and I have an anniversary coming up!  The good news is, well, the anniversary itself!  The bad news is that I’ve no idea what to get him.  I am not usually so stumped about gifts, but I am this time.




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4 Responses to 7 Quick Takes… Good News/Bad News edition

  1. Lisa Sweet says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a wonderful day.
    How many years?

    • We’re staring down the barrel of 25 years!
      The anniversary is this month (we have 2, actually… this one and the convalidation one in December.) Not sure how we’ll celebrate, but I think a new terabyte hard drive is in my future! 🙂

      Still no ideas for Chief.

  2. Hey, fun way to do your Quick Takes. The good news is that I met you. The bad news is I have to say good bye. Have a good weekend.

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