TheaterLESS Thursday

I have now said all I will say about theater today!  Instead, I’m putting up entries on other things on my mind.  (there are a few things I’m thinking about and I’ll split them up into different entries.)


School is sneaking up on me and I’m so not ready.  I was so thrilled when I completed Milky White’s lesson plans, but I’ve not done anything else since!  Cathy did bring the 8th grade syllabus to me as well as a huge stack of books of mine that I didn’t know she had.  I brought them in the house 2 days ago… and there they sit, unmoved.  It’s just been difficult to get to it this week as I am very busy with TheBoy most of the day.  I guess instead of starting on the 24th, we’ll be starting on the 31st (or maybe more likely after Labor Day!)  Not the end of the world by any means, but it does mess a few things up.  *sigh*

I am right in the middle of “new year excitement.”  Yeah, I’m frustrated that I’m not completely done with lesson plans, but the promise of a new and wonderful year of learning is here and I’m excited about it.

Our content remains fairly constant now, having found what mostly works here and meets our goals after all of these years of homeschooling, but the approach is changing in some ways.  For the younger girls, there will be a lot more activities to go along with the book studies.  Lapbooks, dioramas and models, multi-media presentations, etc., will all have a larger place in our schooling.  This has been missing from our schooling for forever.  It is more work.  It requires more time, but I think it will also be quite effective in helping thing solidify in their brains.  It will also be fun. We’ve been missing fun for many years!  I’m not sure that there will be too much difference for The Queen of Hearts, as she has so much work to do in high school that she really needs to get to it!  But if I can make it more interesting in these ways for her, I will.


Of course, all of this requires that we get a new schedule in place.  Or a Rule.  Or a routine.  Whatever you call it, it comes down, practically speaking, to the same thing.  Ordering the days in order to accomplish everything we need to do in school work, in the household, in our faith life, in our family is what it is all about, no matter what you call it.

So, once again, I need to revisit this and get the priorities written down.  I need to get the practical details hammered out so nothing gets forgotten.  If I don’t see a big picture, it is way too easy to let things slip.

I’ll be working on this in the evenings and/or early mornings for a bit.  If I get anything together, I’ll post it here so anyone who is interested can see at least the general outline.  It may help someone make their own…. or least help them know what not to do!


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