Help For: “print two pages on one sheet iwork”

“print two pages on one sheet iwork”

This has come up a few different times as a search term  for people who found my blog.  I wanted to help out whoever is looking for these instructions.

It’s really easy.  It’s done in the printer settings.  I am going to put some screenshots below.  Yours may look a bit different, depending on the printer you are using, but it should be close enough for you to figure out how to do it:

First, send the job to the printer (“apple-p” or “command-p”)

Picture 1

Next, select the “Pages per Sheet” dropdown menu and choose “2” (or whatever number you want)

Picture 2

Finally, choose one of the icons for layout direction to select HOW you want it to be laid out .

Picture 3

Voila!  There you have instructions for printing two pages on one sheet.

Of course, if you mean front and back, that’s a different thing altogether, but this seems to fit “2 on 1”.  I hope this helps whoever was looking for the info!


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