Matthew Karol is laid to rest

In Him who rose from the dead,

the hope of ressurrection dawned.

The sadness of death gives way

to the bright promise of immortality

Lord, for your faithful people

life is changed, not ended.

When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death

we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven.

And so, with all the choirs of angels in heaven

we proclaim Your glory!


We have just returned from the most beautiful Mass of the Angels celebrated for Matthew Karol.  It truly was beautiful, though completely heartbreaking.

Emily and John provided the most beautiful holy card and photos of Matthew.

John Em and Matthew

MatthewKarol Holy Card

Father Richard, Father Peter and Deacon Klaus offered the Mass.  Father’s homily was lovely.  John’s parents proclaimed the first and second readings, the psalm and the prayers of the faithful.

Matthew’s NICU nurse and the family’s social worker drove all the way up from San Antonio to attend the Mass, burial and reception afterward.  They brought the most lovely cards for the tables at the reception with little Matthew’s footprints on them.  They also brought casts of Matthew’s hand and foot.  Gorgeous.

Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) drove quite a way with her children to join the Snows.  She is a most lovely woman and her children are so beautiful. (Picture coming soon)

Our bereavement committee ensured that the reception had more than enough wonderful food.  Emily and John are being sent home with a good bit of it.

Our Heavenly Father provided us with the knowledge that through his baptism, Matthew Karol died with Christ and is now in the glory of Heaven with Him.  He provides us with hearts so full of love that they are completely broken right now for love of Matthew and full of grief at his passing.  He also provides for us every grace we need for our hearts to begin to mend little by little.  We are forever changed.  We will never forget.

We will continue to miss Matthew, we still hurt, but let us remember that God is good!  He is faithful in all things and we shall be comforted by His grace.

Emily and John, you continue to be in our prayers.

St. Matthew Karol,

pray for us


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2 Responses to Matthew Karol is laid to rest

  1. KC says:

    Oh, I didn’t get one of those photos!

    It was a beautiful mass.

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