VoiceMail from Em

Em left a voicemail for me (Chief was using my phone and didn’t hear her call come in; perhaps she’ll reach someone else we know).  She sounds exhausted.

She said they are not getting good news, but Matthew is still with us.  She thinks he looks less swollen today than yesterday, but no one in the hospital said so.  She has been able to hold his hand and stroke his head.  She is very concerned about him being in pain.

It is such a miracle, I believe, that he is still with us considering all the challenges he faces.  Keep praying!!!!

She said she’d call tomorrow.

Edit:  Our friend, Jess, spoke to Em today and Em told her that his pH levels were better today than yesterday. That is good news.


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One Response to VoiceMail from Em

  1. Sue,
    Thank you for your update. We are still praying mightily for Matthew and Emily and John.

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