A Bit of News

For many, many weeks, I’ve been “fretting” a bit about a job that Chief applied for here in our local area.  In his “area of expertise” there are not a lot of jobs here.  There are lots of jobs for him “out there” but we really didn’t want to move.  There was one job here that was just perfect for him and he applied for it.  The process for hiring DoD civilians is a very long one.  Who knew?!  (Chief has been a civilian contractor since he retired from the army 7+ years ago.) It seems rather complicated to me, but Chief did what he needed to do and then we waited (not always very patiently on my part! )  There were 10 applicants that “survived” the initial screening for qualification and it was from those 10 that they had to choose the most qualified applicant.

I am pleased, happy, THRILLED to report that he was hired for the desired position and we don’t have to move!!!

When they called for Chief about the job, they called the house phone (weird, since he’s working and it was during the day!) and the caller ID showed the call came from the same place that CarKiller is stationed.  I worried that perhaps he was injured or ill (I knew he wasn’t dead since it was a phone call and not a knock on the door) but instead it was about the job.  Whew!

I held off sharing this because I wanted Chief to be able to say something to his current employer before I spoke of it “publicly.”  Now that everyone is in the know and Chief will start in his new position in a few weeks, I just wanted to mention it here and take a second to tell Chief:

Congratulations, hun!  I knew you’d get the job.  I’m really glad for you!


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10 Responses to A Bit of News

  1. Cathy says:

    Yay!! Congratulations, Chief! The hubby was just asking about the job yesterday. Glad to be able to pass along the good news!

  2. teachinmom says:

    WOOHOO!!! Congrats!!

  3. Lisa Sweet says:

    Congratulations!! Good news in the job market! Go figure! Very happy for you.

    • I know. You have no idea how grateful we are. So many are not so blessed at this time. Even if he didn’t get this one, we knew he could get another (due to the nature of the work he does) even if we had to move. Plus, he had a guaranteed paycheck and position through March 2010 with his old company. We are so very, very blessed and grateful. Many prayers for those who need employment.

  4. Elaine says:

    Congratulations Chief!! What a blessing to find work close to home.

  5. Carla says:

    Yay Chief! And what a blessing that you don’t have to move!

  6. Sarah says:

    congratulations are in order. I’m pleased for all of you!
    My hubs picked up sr. (USN) last year or two and actually said he would like to try and get Master. So . . . . 21 years in and maybe nine more??? HI is a great place to be . . . finally getting adjusted . . . but I can only imagine when he retires how difficult it might be for him to get a job in his field. It is not always as easy as some believe it to be.
    Congratulations again!!

    • becomewhatyouare says:

      I always crack up when I see you call your husband “Chief”. I figured he had to be Navy or Army Warrant… and after I read you’re “about me” blurb, well, I just have one thing to say:



  7. jess says:

    Congratulations to him (and to you!)

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