The “Daily Blab”™

Welcome to the Daily Blab™!!!!  LOL!!

I have been busily printing away all the forms and templates for the different lapbooks I plan for the kids to make to go along with their science and history.  Working on that is so exciting!  They’re going to love it.  I’m going through a ton of paper and ink, though!  Oy!  I’ve been thinking a lot about that “print and prosper” ad I’ve seen on TV!  While I’m happy with our printer, I’m thinking that saving money on ink would be a good thing!  I went to the site and did the calculations and based on that, we would save enough money on ink to make up for the price of a new printer in about half a year or so!  I’m really thinking about it.  I just have to do some research to see if those printers “play nice” with Macs.

My friend, Cathy, showed me a link to some free lapbook templates for Aesop’s Fables.  They look like a lot of fun!  They are very basic and simple, but they are going with basic and simple stories.  I hope to check out the toddler/preschool selection today.  They are based on stories for that age group (though I haven’t opened any yet) so I figure I can find some things to do with the boy and get inspired for ways to do similar things with the other books we love that are not on their list.  I think he’ll like having his own “school” to do and what preschooler doesn’t love to glue?  This sounds like a perfect idea for him and a nice way to keep him occupied while we’re all trying to get some educatin’ done!  UPDATE: Carla at Just Me and My Boys just shared a link to 1+1+1=1 Tot-Books.  They look really great!!!

Today I need to buy folders and binders for all of these things.  The kids will need a binder for their lesson plans and the middle two will each need a large binder for their science and a medium size for their history and then, of course, there are the folders to use on the lapbooks.  The office store may offer the best selection on these things.  I’ll have to pick up ink while I’m out, too.

My friend, Cathy, also told me that Wallyworld has their school supply sale going on.  I love the school supply sale!!!!  I love stocking up on spiral notebooks and composition books, pens and pencils, markers and crayons, and glue and staples!!!!  Of course if I want to go take advantage of that sale soon, I’m going to have to reorganize the craft and supply closet.  Again.  But it will be worth it to see all of those things stacked up in there, begging for a new school year to begin!  We use the notebooks for so many things. Composition notebooks are GREAT journals and now they come in more than that silly black and white print on the covers.

Even though it was knitting night last night (I had a wonderful time as always!) I am still not done with that sock.  I don’t know what gives!  It is a toddler/preschooler ankle sock!  Sheesh! I had hoped to have it done before the movie tonight so that I can cast on another sock and work on the plain leg during the movie, but I’m not sure sure that’s going to happen!  Yeah, I know I can cast one on before the other is finished, but that so often leads to trouble with me that I’m trying to avoid it.

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

God bless you!!


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4 Responses to The “Daily Blab”™

  1. KC says:

    I just love school supplies! Today, if you go to Staples, you can as a teacher (get the teacher rewards) get up to 25 of the those 8 pack pencils for a penny a piece. The sale ends today.

    • Thank you for reminding me! I’d forgotten and Staples is where I planned to go! I have the teacher reward thing (well, I have an account… no card or key ring dealie-bobbie.) We don’t usually use “regular” pencils… sharpening them is such a distraction and time waster… but at that price, I may reconsider. I’ll save enough for a high-speed electric pencil sharpener (won’t those shavings be so much fun to clean up?!)

  2. Carla says:

    I follow this lady’s blog and she has a great selection of free templates for lap tot books that go along with many childhood favorite stories.

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