Books Trickling in… and more stuff

The new (or replacement!) books are trickling in! How exciting. Unfortunately, the Botany book was on backorder from Adoremus. I really get annoyed when a company ASSUMES I want to wait on backorders rather than ASKING me what to do. Sending me a 10% off coupon with an apology and assuming I don’t care about waiting is really annoying. I’ve emailed them to find out how to cancel that backorder. I hope I hear from them today. In the meanwhile, I ordered it at another company (yesterday) and I already have shipping notification. Yay! The price was better, too, even though I used a 10% off code for Adoremus. I always try to make my purchases at Catholic companies when I can, but sometimes no one can beat Amazon or you can find it at another company both IN STOCK and cheaper. I will definitely continue to shop at Adoremus, but I will put instructions about backorders in the comments section from now on. UPDATE: They emailed this morning and have cancelled my backorder. I’m so glad that was fast. (still wish they’d have asked!)

I also found a couple of lapbooks to go with our 6th and 8th grade science this year. They will need some tweaking as I want to present a couple of things better and, in my opinion, more completely, than the “Exploring Creation” books and the lapbooks do. I have to do some correcting about Galileo and I need to give more rounded information about the “Big Bang” theory, Creation, and so on. While many scientists who ascribe to the “Big Bang theory” overlook the pesky problem of WHERE the matter that went “bang!” came from, Chief and I see it as plausible, as long as we recognize the God created that exploding matter. We teach our kids, basically, that God did it however he liked and we don’t necessarily think it was by 6 literal 24 hour days. We believe it COULD have been that way, but we also know that God is big enough to have done it another way, too. What we do not do is teach atheistic evolution. We teach all viable Christian perspectives. So…. while I do love the books you find at Apologia, I do find them incomplete in that respect ~ but you certainly know where they’re coming from, even just from the titles. YAY! More work for me!!!!

The truck went back into the shop AGAIN yesterday. They cannot find a thing wrong with the new a/c compressor. They now think that somehow, something got into one of the lines and is causing obstructions. That would actually explain a lot. Sometimes it worked *almost* right, other times not at all. If there was something rolling (or flapping or whatever) somewhere in the system, I could see how it would allow it to work pretty well sometimes, not at all other times and everything in-between. Since they hadn’t figured it out yesterday, the truck is still there today. I hope they finish it today. PLEASE, let them finish it today. I pulled dinner out of nowhere yesterday. The family won’t be so lucky today.

Tonight is knitting night! Yay! Chief is taking the kids to the “Friends and Family” performance of High School Musical 2 tonight while I stay home and knit. Tomorrow night I am going to see the new Harry Potter movie with my friend, KC. On another night later this week I will use one of the comp tickets to go see HSM2. I get mom time THREE TIMES this week! How cool is that?

I realized yesterday that we do not, in fact, get a break from theater yet. Alice in Wonderland starts a week earlier than I thought. It begins next Monday, the morning after the last HSM2 performance. It should run about 4 weeks and then there will be another week with Missoula Children’s Theater doing Jack and the Beanstalk… IF the girls get a part (this is an audition production, not a workshop.)

I’m on the hunt for back up transportation for GuitarGirl today. With my truck being in the shop and Chief starting some “new work” (we’ll see how that goes. no, not the job we’ve been praying about) we’re almost out of options! We had hoped that she could get a ride with the guy who’s been driving her home, but he isn’t sure he can do that. *sigh* I NEED MY TRUCK BACK!  UPDATE:  Cathy has kindly agreed to drive GuitarGirl to the theater on time!  Whew!  I was tempted to drive our dodge with the expired inspection!



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2 Responses to Books Trickling in… and more stuff

  1. Carla says:

    We have an extra vehicle. Please let me know if you are ever in a pinch. I will gladly let you borrow our pick up truck!

    • Carla! How generous! I guess you do have an “extra” vehicle right now, don’t you? (How is your soldier, anyway?) Fortunately, it appears that it’s done. Another new compressor and the lines blown out. I hope it’s done, anyway. The best part of picking up the truck this time??? We didn’t have to pay anything! Whew! 😀

      Of course, this means I have to go to the store, buy food and cook something today… *sigh* LOL!

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