Well, it happened.  Much too soon, too.  CarKiller didn’t call yesterday.  I didn’t want to call him because I just don’t know what he’s doing!  I don’t want to interrupt anything.  I don’t want the disappointment of voicemail.  He just started inprocessing and is getting the briefings he needs to get started with classes.  He’s well on his way to getting training going at full speed again.  I’m really happy for him!  UPDATE:  Chief told me that CarKiller did call last night after I went to bed.  He started classes yesterday and he is so excited about the things he’ll be learning. He was relating it to some of the things that he experienced growing up!  Having an interrogator father makes for an interesting and “thwarted” childhood! LOL!

I’ve gotten History and English/Grammar lesson plans completed for an entire year for MissCreativity.  Such a great feeling!!!!  I took care to make sure there were more hands-on activities for her as she thrives on those things.  I’ve been so bad about not providing enough of that sort of thing in the past.  I’ll type out her Math plans today, (a very simple task, but somewhat time consuming!) but I have to wait on science and religion as I’m going in a new direction with these and have to wait for some books to arrive (hopefully in less than a week!)  I’ve decided to have her do botany for science.  Science is always such a pain for the elementary grades, in my opinion.  I think she’ll enjoy the botany course, though.  If she doesn’t, well, she’s still doing science! 🙂  I’m still struggling with art/music.  She’ll continue to do “drama” through our local theater and will be part of a homeschool group production of “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” which will be performed next May.  That may do for the arts.  I’ll have to give that some thought.

Once I get the Math for MissCreativity done, I’ll start working on MissKaboom’s plans.  Now I need to remember if I ever got those lesson plans from my friend!  I don’t think so, but with me you never know!

GuitarGirl’s plans will probably require the largest investment of time and thought because she still has a goal of graduating early and getting it all planned out in a way that is both complete and not overwhelming will take some effort… especially with all of the time she spends in the theater!

It is right about this time that I start to feel very excited about home education but also very overwhelmed and intimidated!  How can I possibly ensure that everything gets done and gets done well?  How can I possibly handle 3 girls with pretty full school days, the housework and TheBoy all at once?  It doesn’t matter that we’re starting our 16th year.  These questions plague me each and every year.  And quite frankly, I’m sure that things don’t get done as well as they ought.  Not that the kids are not getting more than a minimum education.  They are.  But how much more could they get if I were more “together”??

If you are like me and you spend any amount of time reading the blogs of other homeschoolers or going to home ed forums or joining email lists, you can’t help but feel inadequate sometimes (which is why I’ve dropped off of all forums, email lists, etc. relating to home education. In addition, or perhaps more importantly, I am also so swamped and distracted by them that I had to cut myself off.)  Instead of making dragon cakes for the feast of St George, I simply say, (too often at the end of the day) “Oh, yeah.  It is the feast of St. George!”  During the day when we might consider making the cake or what-have-you I’m simply cracking a whip about finishing math and getting chores done.  But if you are like those other homeschoolers, you don’t bat an eye about making that cake.  Of course you do it! And the kids get math done and the house is near-immaculate, too!  I am not being critical of those other homeschoolers.  Not at all.  I envy their ability to pull it all off!

I have yet to figure out if this is an organization problem, a creativity problem or just a brain function issue.  If I were more organized, I’d plan these varying celebrations in advance and be ready for them.  They wouldn’t slip by with me saying, “ooops.”  If I were more creative, (sticks and strings are the limit of my creativity) I’d have all kinds of great ideas and loads of supplies for just about anything and I’d dive in with both feet.  If my brain functioned better, I’d not forget so much!  Or maybe it’s just not my style.  That is not to say that it shouldn’t be more a part of my style.  It should be.  The vast majority of kids love that stuff.   Rather, I am saying that it doesn’t always come easily or naturally to me.

At the end of the day, I have to accept where I am and strive to do these things better.  I have to do my very best (which I don’t always do) and place it all in God’s hands.  He can make up where I lack as long as I am giving it my best and keep trying to improve.

We’ve all heard that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.  This is true.  But really, if something is worth doing, it is even worth doing adequately or minimally.  And this is why I slug along and continue.  I may not always do it well or perfectly, but it is still worth doing.


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6 Responses to Progress

  1. Carla says:

    I think you are WAY too hard on yourself. Just look at the accomplishments of the 2 fine young men who have completed your home schooling! You have to know that you are doing a whole lot more right than not!

    It takes a pretty special person to commit to educating their children. I couldn’t do it. I give you props!

  2. teachinmom says:

    I really understand where you’re coming from. It’s hard to look at and read some of the things people are doing and keep from feeling either insanely jealous or incredibly inadequate!

    I don’t know what the answer is.

    I’ll pray for you, if you’ll do the same for me! Heaven knows this school year will be a challenge!

  3. mum6kids says:

    rofl! I so KNOW that feeling! Our house is just never immaculate. I tend to think I’ve achieved if the children actually get through the ed for the day and I am somewhat sure they may actually have learned something.
    Like you I’m about to start next year/terms planning. It is always scary.
    God bless

  4. KC says:

    Can I see how you plan a year’s worth of stuff? I’m more of an unschooly-fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants homeschooler but I’m trying to get more down on paper beforehand.

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