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My friend, KC, asked if I could show her a sample of the kinds of plans I use.  Right now I only have a sample of daily plans that I put in the kids’ binders, but I put the same info on the weekly pages for myself (if I ever don’t get to it or don’t finish, I can still work from these as do the kids.)

As I mentioned earlier, there are some parts of the plans that I can’t do until I have the books in my possession, so the religion and science entries here are totally made up.  The math, history and English plans are actual plans.

There are 5 sheets covering one week in this set.  I don’t put dates on them, but rather use “week __ day__” so if we end up ahead or behind, it won’t matter.  We just have to go sheet after sheet in order to complete things properly.  I don’t normally use them in PDF form.  I like to leave them “editable” in iWork formats.  I made this week a pdf so that I could upload it.

Sample lesson plan (this is a pdf)

OOPS! I just noticed that at the bottom of week 1, day 1 I have forgotten the list of things to mark on her map!  If anyone cares, this is the list:

Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Nile River, Nile Delta, Libyan Desert, Arabian Desert, Sinai Peninsula, Isthmus of Suez, El Faiyum, Memphis, Giza, Thebes, Aswan, First Cataract, Second Cataract, the area of land flooded by the Nile.  Label Upper and Lower Egypt (list from Laura Berquist’s MODG 6th grade syllabus.  It’s an older one that is missing pages, so I don’t know the publication date. )

OOPS AGAIN! I see I missed changing a subject (at least one!)  There are probably other minor imperfections, but it is surely good enough to get an idea of how I do this.


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