Stuff I’m Thinking About Today

Lesson Plans, yet again

I have finally started writing up lesson plans!  Yippee!  I didn’t get very far at all, but at least I started.  I usually start with history and literature because writing those plans is typically the most involved of the classes.  I also gather things like outline maps as I go along.  I found some nice, large, outline maps yesterday and printed a map of Egypt that uses 4 sheets of paper.  You can print even larger maps is you want (and many more places besides Egypt.)  I’m so glad to have begun, even if it is slow going.

Travel Knitting.  Or not.

The knitting didn’t go as well as I’d hoped while we were traveling.  I got one sock done…. only to discover it is too small!  TheBoy just refused to let me use his foot to measure, so I eyeballed his foot and a store bought sock and gave it a shot.  Yeah.  Too small.  I’m going to have to tink it and start again.  I’ve already started the second sock, which will be the right size even if I have to wrestle TheBoy (!!)  I’ll tink and fix the other after that.   If I get that done over the next day or two, I’ll be up to 3 pairs… still 3 pairs behind.  *sigh*  I have decided that I’ll knit some worsted weight socks because those will go more quickly.  Oh, and ankle socks.  I’m going to do some ankle socks, too.  I figure if I can get caught up (or even a bit ahead) that I’d be able to make something a little nicer than a basic ankle sock in worsted, but as long as I’m behind, I don’t feel like I can slow down for pretty at all!


Besides doing lesson plans (and hopefully knitting) on the agenda for today I have a few simple things:

  • take the truck to the shop.  again.
  • basic tidying
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • planning supper
  • reassembling the carseat
  • doing laundry
  • mopping (if I’m able. my foot is acting up again.)
  • upload more pics to flickr

I think that’s about all I can manage today since I’ll be spending so much time on lesson plans.

The family

The kids are all fine and like me, while they were so glad to go see CarKiller, they’re also glad to be home!

SoldierBoy is back in California, having some down time before classes start up again next week.  He went to Arizona and spent the weekend with CarKiller.

CarKiller got the great news that he will start his classes this week!  Initially he was told that he would probably be waiting for a month or more.  This is very good news for him!

GuitarGirl is getting close to the High School Musical performances and is working very hard after her week-long break.  She is also in a Quincineara this Saturday for her friend M.  We will be picking up her dress from the seamstress on Friday (yes, cutting it very close, but this is how we live much of the time, unfortunately!)  The seamstress came with high recommendations (the one the bridal shop recommended basically only did hems.  Crazy. She kept telling the mother of M. how she could do her own alterations herself. Gee, thanks.)  GuitarGirl has lost some weight and needs it taken in all around!)  Unfortunately, we seem to be suffering from “financial diarrhea” between the trip, the truck and the dress.  The alterations for this dress will cost about the same as the dress!  Fortunately, the dress was a gift from the family of the girl who is having the Quincineara to the attendants, so we’re only covering the cost of the alterations.

MissKaboom is well.  She’s having a hard time adjusting to all of the changes over the last week or so, but I’m sure she’ll get caught up on sleep and come around.  She is looking forward to the theater workshop production of Alice in Wonderland and  to audition for the Missoula performance after that.

MissCreativity is glad to be home and is just enjoying not having to get in the truck!  She is also excited about Alice in Wonderland and Missoula next month.

TheBoy is still ecstatic that his room his still here and he spent quite a bit of time driving his powerwheels jeep around the yard yesterday.  Having space to run and ALL of his toys (I think he took every one of them out yesterday) makes him very happy.  He is just such a delight!

Chief goes back to work today.  I know he’s not looking forward to it, as he still hates his job.  I hate how they are not taking care of him (they are past due on a bonus installment they owe him.  The installment from March was paid in June… when another was due and we haven’t seen June’s yet.)  We are praying that he finds the right job soon.  This busy work stuff is old.  Very, very old.

I’ll leave you with this quote that I received in my Mary Vitamin email last night:

From Father Manelli’s Jesus Our Eucharistic Love

(Academy of the Immaculate)

“Wherever I may be I will often think of Jesus in the

Blessed Sacrament. I will fix my thoughts on the holy

Tabernacle – adoring Him from where I am, calling to

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, offering up to Him the

action I am performing. I will install one telegraph

cable from my study to the Church, another from my

bedroom, and a third from our refectory; and as often

as I can, I will send messages of love to Jesus in the

Blessed Sacrament.”

~Servant of God, Andrew Baltrami

God bless you!


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