We’re Still Alive…

Well, we’re still alive.  We’re on our way home.  We are in Vicksburg.  We got here too late to see anything, so the “plan” is to get up for 8am Mass, come back to the hotel for breakfast before that’s over, pack up the truck, check out and take the driving tour of some places (part of it, anyway) and then GET HOME!  I’m pretty bummed about not getting here earlier, but what can we do?

So, the truck…. took it back to have it “fixed” again and we had virtually no a/c for our whole trip.  The air got slightly cool.  I guess that’s better than hot and having to drive with the windows down.  Seriously though, for what we paid for the new a/c, I ought to be getting out of that truck at every stop with icicles hanging from my eyebrows and nose!!!!

Still haven’t downloaded the pictures.  It’s just going to take forever and I’d rather do that at home than here.

We’ve decided that as cool as it could be to see fireworks HERE, we would rather not.  We left it up to MissKaboom and MissCreativity, as they are the ones who’d be most likely to care.  We offered them the opportunity to swim or to go to fireworks.  They’d rather swim.  Works out wonderfully because they will be able to get more sleep tonight before we have to get up for Mass.  It won’t be dark enough for fireworks until going on 10pm, I would guess.  Swimming means they can be settled in well before 10pm! Yay.

TheBoy has been absolutely fantastic on this trip.  We had a few hiccups when he was just DONE, but he came back around and has been a real trooper.  Food is a big issue.  We’re so tired of eating out.  Last night we went with the Fabulous Miss A and her kids to Cracker Barrel and I decided to order TheBoy “real food” (which means no breaded chicken or beef between buns!)  I got him some meatloaf, potatoes and corn and he was so happy.  He scarfed it down pretty well.  Mind you, this was an adult portion!  We went to Sonic tonight (we wanted fast and simple) and he hardly ate a thing.  *sigh*  We all just choked it down.  Blech.

We are staying in the Hampton Inn in Vicksburg.  This is a lovely hotel.  The lobby is beautiful.  The rooms are very nice.  The price is fantastic.  When Chief made the reservation for 2 rooms that connected (the “suites” didn’t work so well for us) he was able to get 2 queens in one room and a king in the other.  They quoted him a price of (something like) $140 for the King and $110 for the Double Queen.  When he asked for the military discount, that brought the cost of each room to $70!!  How wonderful is it that the Hampton Inn offers such a generous discount to military folks?  I will continue to stay at these hotels.  They are beautiful, accommodating and generous to the military.  What more could we want?

Because I’m so disappointed to have missed the opportunity to see all that Vicksburg offers (though I will see some!) Chief suggested that we just come back in a couple of weeks and spend a couple of days here touring around.  I think a couple of weeks is a wee bit too soon.   But I would like to do it before the summer is out… or maybe when the summer is out (I mean, come on, it IS Mississippi, it IS on the river and it IS HOT!)

CarKiller and SoldierBoy are enjoying a weekend together.  CarKiller got an off-post pass for the weekend, so they’ve gone to see a few things in Tuscon and Bisbee.  I am so glad they got this time together!

We’ll be home some time tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get to downloading those photos fairly soon.

God bless you!


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3 Responses to We’re Still Alive…

  1. Carla says:

    Safe travels!

  2. Cathy says:

    Praying for safe travel and cool (er..cold) air on the way home! Let me know if you guys need anything for when you get home.

    btw..got to see the grad ceremony online. :0)

  3. KC says:

    See you soon!!!

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