Frustrated and BUSY!

Yesterday was an utterly frustrating day.  All of my plans were frustrated when I stopped for the inspection and was told that my truck had failed because of the emergency brake!  I was flabbergasted.  We just had the truck in 2 days prior and the emergency brake was fixed and it covered the biggest portion of the bill!

I headed straight over to the shop where we took the truck the other day and they promptly took it in and pulled it apart to see what the problem was.  Apparently, it is the cables to the emergency brake.  According to the guy who was helping me, the E. brake did hold when they finished the truck, but that the cables had been pulled too tight (prior to this recent service) that they went slack again after just a few miles of driving.  This was not part of what they were supposed to have done and it didn’t appear to them at the time that it needed to be done.  So, there’s nothing to do but have those cables replaced as well.  Except they can’t get the cables in until after we leave for our trip.  The mechanic who worked on the truck before and will do this work as well, felt very badly about missing that and he is giving me a break.  The job will take 2.5 to 3 hours and he’s only going to charge me for an hour of labor when he does do the work after we get back.  So we won’t be parking on any hills until then! (not that we do anyway.  We never use our emergency brake.  Never.)

UPDATE:  UGH, UGH, UGH!!!  After I went to the grocery store and post office this morning, I noticed a burning smell when I got out of the truck!  We sniffed around and Chief realized that the smell was coming from the back…. the brakes.  Urgh.  Chief is at the shop again.  He called home on the way and he said he noticed the brakes grabbing as he was driving!  Holy moly we don’t need this now!    We *can* delay leaving until Tuesday and drive straight through, but I really, really, really hope we don’t have to wait.  Happy truck and brake prayers appreciated!

UPDATE#2.  LOL.  FIGURES!!! The emergency break that wouldn’t engage?  It engaged.  It caused damage on the new brakes and rotors!  Not enough to make it unsafe, but it definitely needs to be fixed.  The shop will fix it at their expense when they fix the cable when we get back.  The short term fix was to cut the emergency brake cable so it doesn’t randomly engage and ruin our brakes.

By the time we got back, it was HOT.  105°.  Yuck.  I decided that I’d get the knitting stuff together.  I enlisted MissKaboom’s help in winding the hanks of yarn into balls (or “cakes”) and on the first hank, we ended up with a complete and total mess.  I spent the rest of the day working on unknotting it and it’s still not done!  (it’s close, but after working on it for hours, I had to just STOP!)  Argh!

Today, heat or no heat, I need to get things done.  I have to go out and finish shopping. Carla tipped me off about travel trays and I am hoping to find one locally.  I think one of these would make a huge difference for TheBoy.

Chief got the truck all cleaned out and ready to go and ran out and got a new power inverter so the girls can keep their laptops charged during the trip.

We had another fledgeling visit us.  Looks like a Bluejay ~ maybe even the same one I saw, parents pushing along out of the tree, yesterday.  Little thing hopped right up to our porch overnight.  I had a heck of a time fighting the cats to keep them inside until the poor thing could hop away to some place safe.  I think I did the cats a favor, too, because when one of them got too near one of the trees in our yard, a distraught and courageous adult attacked him!  He was riding on the cat’s back as the cat took off across the yard trying to escape.  The bird was screaming, and clutching the cat’s back and flapping his wings (beating the cat, I think) and riding along for several yards.  Definitely one of those, “dang! where the heck is my camera?” moments.  That one was video worthy!

Here is the little fledgeling:

hiding under the sand and water table

hiding under the sand and water table

recently pushed out of the nest and tree

recently pushed out of the nest and tree

I have a prayer request from a dear friend, K.  I won’t go into details, but if you could join me in offering a prayer for her need  today, it will be greatly appreciated!

Here’s hoping I get everything done that I need to today!

God bless you!!


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7 Responses to Frustrated and BUSY!

  1. mum6kids says:

    Hate those days. Truck prayers for you-I’m still a St Christopher fan; don’t care that he has been kind of demoted 🙂

    I’ll swop you a K prayer. I’ll pray for your K and would you pray for my K?
    She has breast cancer and has just had more surgery-bit of a scary time right now.
    God bless

  2. Cathy says:

    Yuck! That tops my “2nd Monday” for sure! Prayers that everything else goes smoothly! I’m excited to see pics of CarKiller!

    Praying for K also.

  3. It really has been half a week of Mondays!

    See YOU tomorrow!

  4. KC says:

    Locally, you can get those trays at Hobby Lobby, but they’re closing in 15 minutes. In Round Rock at Kaleidoscope Toys, they have those trays.

    I’m sorry you’re having to go through this with your truck. Will you be overdue for your inspection?

    • Hobby Lobby didn’t even cross my mind! I’ll look when I get back. I’m glad they’re already closed, though, because FINALLY I will meet Carla! It will be brief, but we’ve “hung around” each other via forums for 4 years and SIX MONTHS AGO she moved here… and we’ve STILL never actually met in person. (pathetic, i know!) So, tomorrow it is!

    • yes, we’ll be late on inspection, but we should be within the grace period… if not, we’ve got a thing from the shop showing that we had to order parts. I’m not too worried.

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