“They” said our expected high is 101.  At 1030 this morning, it was already 97°.  We don’t really hit our peak in temperature until around late afternoon.  Ugh!

Photo taken "in the shade" at 1030.  97°.  Oy.

Photo taken "in the shade" at 1030. 97°. Oy.

update:  99° at noon….

Last night I saw the biggest moth I’ve ever seen in my whole life.  I think the other camera has better pictures on it, but I’ve not downloaded them yet.  This moth was larger than a standard brick.  It had to have measured close to 3 inches!


Big Moth 2


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4 Responses to Oy

  1. SAHMinIL says:

    we are in a heat wave too! Oh and that is one large moth

  2. Carla says:

    Everything is bigger in Texas, including the temperatures!! I’m so glad we have AC here! I would surely melt otherwise! (or be incredibly grumbly at least!)

    • Carla says:

      Oh and I’m convinced the bugs are all bigger, too! Moths aren’t so bad (except for your sweaters..ha), but some of the others are just plain gross!

      • I would not do well here without AC, either. We’ve had our AC break (in the summer, of course, who turns it on to see if it’s working when it’s 40° out?) and it was miserable!

        Once you get used to the bugs that gross you out, you’ll start noticing all kinds of bugs you’ve never seen before and a lot of them are pretty cool to look at! My biggest beef is the JuneBugs that don’t know how to use their calendar! Feb/Mar – July or after is NOT June! 😀

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