Stuff I’m Thinking About… 22 June 2009

So, this week I am mainly thinking about leaving for South Carolina next week! This is prep week and I’m so excited! Not only do we get to see CarKiller and enjoy his graduation and all of the rest, we also get to see one of my very best friends. She lives just about 3.5 hours away from Fort Jackson and is coming down with most of her children on grad day and will spend a couple of nights in Columbia with us. She moved away from here many years ago and I miss her terribly. Several years ago we got to see her on our way home from Disney World. I am thrilled to be able to see her again!

I’ve got a list a mile long. Okay, not a mile, but long enough. I have so much to do to get ready. Laundry, packing, shopping, cleaning, truck to the shop (no, we didn’t do it last week. Chief stopped by a shop we don’t normally use, thinking it would be a better bet and they were ridiculously expensive… even for an auto shop. We are going back to the place we normally use.) That part doesn’t sound fun, but it will keep me busy and I hope that keeps the week from dragging.

I have yet to make a real dent on lesson plans and I hope that somehow I can find time for that this week. I really have a desire to get at least several weeks under my belt before we leave. I am sure I won’t be able to do it justice on our trip, so I won’t bother trying. However, knowing that I’ve got a good bit on even just one of the kids written up when we get back will be such a blessing.

I’m not too worried about fitting knitting time in this week because I’ll have lots of hours for that in the truck. (not that I won’t take the time if I can get it legitimately!)

The kids are all doing well! MissKaboom and MissCreativity, who went to the Jonas Brothers concert Saturday are still floating around, as happy as they can be. The dads even had to admit they enjoyed the show, that “the boys” were good performers. GuitarGirl went to bed early last night, exhausted from her crazy week. She is glad this week will be easier. Had a chance to talk to SoldierBoy. He sounds pretty tired and worn thin. He was doing homework and cleaning his room. I hope to get a letter tomorrow from CarKiller as he told me he sent one (with a list of requests) many days ago… it should be here soon.

Also arriving soon will be

  • my iPhone (it’s on its way from China, should be here Wed. Thursday.  They missed the cutoff.  Grrr.)
  • Max and Ruby DVD’s est. arrivals on Tues and Wed. (the little stuffed Max already arrived)
  • a bunch of school books from Amazon (not scheduled to ship until the end of the week, though, so will likely arrive while we’re gone)
  • Usborne books and activities! (expecting it Wed. or so… just a guess)
  • some part for the truck that Chief needs to fix the way the sound runs through the DVD player & truck, which will make using it a better experience for us all! Hopefully it arrives today or Tues.

As I said, we still haven’t taken the truck to the shop. That needs to be fit in right quick. I think I’ll go by there today and see if they can do it on Wednesday (since I have a couple of packages coming then and will have to stay home anyway) and get an estimate on the damage.  (yikes, just got back from the shop and depending on what they need to do to the brakes, it might be pretty expensive…*sigh*  cheaper than a new vehicle, right?) Of course, before I decide firmly to do that, I will need Chief to tell me if that will fit in his schedule because he’ll have to drive GuitarGirl to the theater and pick her up after rehearsal.  Yup, it’s on for Wednesday.

So, in addition to waiting for shipments to arrive, I have several other things to get done this week:

  • Get the suitcases out of storage
  • Pack activity bags for the kids
  • Get DVDs in place for the trip
  • Shop for the animals and set up feeding bags for the guinea pigs and the fish
  • get all of the laundry caught up
  • plan meals carefully so that we don’t have a bunch of stuff left rotting
  • Have the mail held (that is very easy, you can do it online)
  • give the house a good cleaning
  • pack up plenty of knitting (mostly sock knitting stuff.) I’ll need yarn, needles, patterns, markers, scissors, darning needles, etc.

In the midst of all of this busy-ness, the kids still have some work to get finished up. They are still finishing math and I think GuitarGirl and MissCreativity have one more paper to write for me. We *may* get a little break before we start it all up again, after all. I am planning to start our new year either on the 24th or the 31st of August. More likely the 31st, but there are a few reasons I am considering a week earlier. Either way, it seems really soon! Ack!

Father’s Day was a nice and relaxing day around here. I hope Chief enjoyed it and was not disappointed by lack of “fun” activities. He received a few nice gifts. TheBoy gave him a couple of books: Render Unto Caesar by Archbishop Chaput and Amazing Grace for Fathers. GuitarGirl gave him a Spurs cap, MissKaboom gave him a pair of “cool” plaid shorts (they are very nice) MissCreativity gave him a homemade gift certificate entitling him to just about any kind of service he might want. Soldier boy called home and they had a nice visit and CarKiller sent a lovely, lovely letter for Father’s Day. I gave him a new Mont Blanc fountain pen. I gave him one many, many years ago, but time and use has made it useless. He loved that pen, so I gave him a new one. They do not make that pen anymore, so I had to get one from ebay. It is in perfect (new) condition. He seemed very pleased with it.

Well, it’s going to be another scorcher, hitting 100°F… again. It’s going to be hot like this all week. The heat is not so bad (yeah, I know) but it’s been humid lately. That has been miserable. I dread our next electric bill. The only consolation is that the a/c can be set pretty high while we’re gone, so we’ll get a bit of a break. We won’t turn it off because of the critters, but they can live with it set up a bit.

Here are some pictures for you:


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