Jonas Brothers Concert, Dallas, Texas

(and yes, technically they’re in Arlington, but we’re calling it Dallas anyway!) We’re getting some “live” feed from our guys at the Jonas Brothers’ concert in Dallas. The Jonas Brothers haven’t begun to perform yet, but the girls are EXCITED!

B and MissC at Jonas brothers

MissCreativity and MissB outside the stadium

in the stadium

SO excited! (the seats are better than I expected!... no I didn't expect much!)

jonas crowd starting


Best Friends!!!!

These are some great dads to take their girls to see the Jonas Brothers.
At this moment, 7:30 pm,

it is 98°!

More pics as they come in….. (gotta love technology!)

too loud even for them

Just found this on the internet….

Miley Cyrus will join the Jonas Brothers at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX, on Sunday [sic], June 20, for the opening performance of their world tour

I don’t think the girls know that and I think they’re going to be really pleasantly (to put it mildly) surprised!

update:  yes, Miley did come out for a song (I think just one.)



Yikes! I don’t envy those dads.  As of 8:50pm, the temperature here is STILL 95°

Again, more as they come!

Jonas finally out

Here’s hoping I got this right… a story from MissKaboom:

MissKaboom was at the concert as well, but she went with a friend instead of dad and sister.  As they were driving away, they passed (or were passed by) the Jonas Brothers limo and “the boys” waved at them.  I can only imagine how giddy MissKaboom is now!

Many thanks to Chief and Mr. M for taking the girls for such a special event!  To see they’re “favorite band” with their bet friend is a real blessing for these two!  Thanks for being such great dads!


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6 Responses to Jonas Brothers Concert, Dallas, Texas

  1. Carla says:

    How fun for them! (And special blessings to their dads for taking them to that screaming madhouse!)

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  3. primarycat says:

    I can not wait to hear what they have to say! As excited as they were before, I can’t even imagine the after. :0)

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