Plans for Today

CarKiller Update:

CarKiller got a few minutes to call last night!  Yay!  He sounded great.  They’re heading out to “Victory Forge” (I think that is what it is called) to do their final exercise.  CarKiller told me that they did their final PT test and he got the top score for males in his company!!!!!  WhooHoo!!!!! I’m so proud!

Plans for Today, 18 June 2009:

Dinner:  Fajitas

Last night, everything kind of crunched together between getting GuitarGirl to “call” (noun) on time and then getting the rest of us to the theater on time and so on.  My plan for yummy fajitas just fell apart.  We will be eating those today (minus the white flour tortillas for me!)  This crunching of time caused a bit of stress around here, but in the end we all survived, all ate (fast food ~ yuck!) and really enjoyed the show.


Tomorrow I will be missing daily Mass (again) because I have an interview with an investigator for CarKillers security clearance.  The appointment is at 9:30, just about the time that Mass ends, so I will be staying home.  I guess that means that today I should collect the mountains of toys and laundry that got strewn about yesterday and make sure new ones don’t take their place.  It’s always good to have something like this to motivate me to get all of these things (that I need to do anyway) done in a reasonable time. Of course, I will be supporting my two entrepreneurs by hiring out some of the work that needs to be done!

I’ve also got bathrooms to clean, a fridge to clean (didn’t get to that yet.  it’s becoming a desperate situation now) floors to mop and surfaces to dust.


It is my hope that today I can head over to a friend’s house and borrow her 8th grade MODG syllabus so that I can get started on lesson plans.  I wanted to do them from youngest school child to oldest, but I’m going to have to give up that idea since I can’t find the 6th grade syllabus (yet.)  While I’m out, I’ll also try to stop by the Teacher’s store here in town and see if there is anything interesting there worth having.

I also need to go to the post office and have CarKiller’s last envelope weighed and mailed.  This envelope contains his countdown letters.

Today shouldn’t be too overwhelming then.  There’s not that much to do and dinner is already planned (meat is already marinating and the grill racks are already clean.)  Everything should be accomplished at a nice, reasonable pace without any panicking.  I might even have time to knit a little and perhaps to crack open “ A Charlotte Mason Companion” again to kind of get my brain back to where I want it to be for this coming school year.  I’ve also just noticed the book, “The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Fr. John Croiset”  I might page through that and glean a nugget or two before tomorrow’s solemnity.  I’m not counting on reading or knitting time, but it appears, right now, that it will be possible to find some of that time.

God bless you!


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