All Shook Up

All Shook Up:  The only musical approved by Elvis

Today is the first performance of All Shook Up before an audience.  This is the “Friends and Family” performance.  In addition to the “Family and Friends” performance, there will be an “FRG” (Family Readiness Groups… these are groups of spouses/parents of soldiers) performance tomorrow night.  The official opening night is this Friday.  This is quite an exciting time for GuitarGirl as this is her first main stage production.  She has done a lot of Children’s Theater before, but never main stage.  I am so excited for her.

Poor kid, though… she has to get a new filling and have an old, lost filling replaced this morning.  She seems to have a hard time metabolizing all of the xylocaine (or whichever “caine” they use now) and tends to stay numb for a long time.  She is afraid that even though her appointment is fairly early this morning that she is going to still be having trouble for this evening’s performance.  I don’t think she will, but I can understand her concern.  The thing is, we’ve already waited over a month for this appointment, so I really can’t cancel it or we’d be waiting another month or more.  Two or more month’s wait with known cavities is not a good idea.

After a 14 hour day consisting of 2 different rehearsals yesterday, GuitarGirl is, in a way, glad to have this appointment this morning.  (Worried about the anesthetic’s effects, but glad.)  She is so tired and is glad to be skipping the HSM2 rehearsal this morning.  I’m not so sure she’ll be quite as glad when she finds out that the appointments (MissKaboom is getting sealants) begin at 9, not 10 as the appointment card said.  I’ll encourage her to take a nap afterward.

Lesson Plans

Well, ARGH! Yesterday I was determined to get started on lesson plans for next year.  I went to the closet where I have very methodically sorted and organized and stored books and syllabi that we are not currently using, only to find NO lesson plans apart from the ones for high school courses.  What the heck?!  Where are they all?  I own every MODG syllabus from 1st grade through all of the high school courses, but most of them are missing.  I don’t use them “as is” but I do use the recommendations of Laura Berquist, especially in history/literature, as the backbone of my own planning. Now, you would think, wouldn’t you(???), that I would have old lesson plans that *I* wrote from years past.  You would think that the MODG syllabi coming up missing would not be a complete crisis, but you would be wrong to think so.  In the end, because of all the tweaking I did each year, I didn’t think it was necessary to keep my old plans.  Boy oh boy was I wrong.  Even as imperfect as those plans proved to be, they would have been a wonderful resource for starting the plans for this year.  If you could spare a prayer that I find those things, it would be much appreciated.

Granted, replacing them with new ones (I’d only need 2 right now ~actually, just one since I have a friend who has the 8th grade syllabus that she will not be using this coming year) would not break the bank or anything, but why would I want to spend $20 – 40 on something I know I already own?  Or do I?  I have this rumbling fear that maybe, just maybe, I accidentally threw them out in a fit of dejunking.  I’ve never missed anything I’ve gotten rid of while dejunking before, but I suppose this could be the first time.  The hardest part is that I don’t know if that is the case or not.  It would be easier, I think, to live with the regret of a bad decision than it is to live with the question of whether or not I did get rid of them (unintentionally, of course!)  If I thought I somehow decided to get rid of them, I would not have to spend great amounts of time searching for them.  And here’s a question for you… how long do I spend looking?  I mean at what point do I say, “Okay, I can’t find them.  No idea where they are, but I really need to get these lesson plans in place so I have to order new ones, even if they turn up a week later.”  I don’t know where that mark is.  I really need to figure it out, though.  If it does come to replacing it/them, I do know that I will get the “Teacher’s Planner” versions, which is laid out day-by-day. rather than by subject.  I like to plan days at a time and not subjects at a time, so this would be one positive that comes from a loss (if it is a loss!)


I’ve never gotten on board with lapbooks.  I mean, they’re a neat idea, but I’m just not that creative, so I never bothered.  Until a friend sent me over to Hands of a Child.  They have “lapbook kits.” These are neat little packets (available printed, on CD, or for download ~ or a combination of these formats) that have everything you need to make a lapbook covering different subjects.  I decided to give it a test drive and ordered they lapbook kit for download about Ancient China as a summer activity.  We are very weak in covering Ancient China, so I thought this would be a good way to see how interesting and how thorough the materials are.   If it is something the kids enjoy and learn well from, I’ll add more lapbooks to our plans for this coming year.


We are getting so close to CarKiller’s graduation that we are supposed to stop sending mail tomorrow (or within a few days of tomorrow.)  That’s because it takes a while for the mail to actually get to them and they will be in the field for about a week starting next week and will not have time for mail call.  One of the things I have done is to make up a bunch of letters with pictures, one for each day counting down the last 10 days before family day.  I wrote about being excited to be getting there, the things I “am” doing and thinking each day before we get to see him on Family Day.  I put pictures of suitcases and dog and cat food and groceries and poptarts (I never buy these except for long car trips.  It’s a “special treat”.)  I found pictures taken on I-20 and “Welcome to [name the state]” and a mapquest map showing our route, as well as a picture of “Golden Arches” and all of the things that we relate to road trips.  I have put these in individual envelopes and marked them with a date for when he should open them.  By doing this, I hoped to make sure he had “mail” until the very end.  I hope he likes it.

Looking back, I see that we have used well over 60 stamps plus postage at the post office sending mail to CarKiller.  In just over six weeks.  There are only 6 mail days a week.  We averaged 10 letters a week (plus the things we took to have weighed) to CarKiller.  That’s a lot of writing!  If only the kids wrote as willingly for their school work! LOL!  I know that my mom has written to CarKiller and some friends wrote a bit, too.  Maybe he’ll get the “most mail” award.  They (used to, anyway) give silly awards.  When I was in basic training, I got the “longest snot” award after we went through the gas chamber.

Quite an honor, eh?? LOL!

God bless you!


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One Response to All Shook Up

  1. Carla says:

    LOL at the snot award! Hilarious!

    I sure hope your days gearing up for the car trip go smoothly, that you find your lesson plans you are frantically looking for and that you get a chance to relax (and knit) just a bit!
    If you need to borrow some extra kid’s DVDs for your trip, let me know. I have tons of Nick Jr DVDs for our crazy travels cross country. They’ve been lifesavers!

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