Stuff I’m Thinking About… the rest of it…

Here is the 3d and last “Stuff I’m Thinking About…” entry for today.  (The first two can be found here and here.)

Adventures in…. shopping?

I am not a shopper.  I really don’t like shopping, except online.  I don’t mind shopping online at all, but I take absolutely no pleasure in going out to the stores to shop for the things we need.

My most recent online shopping adventure was to purchase Max & Ruby DVDs for our trip.  TheBoy just loves them (and the Max-speech is no longer an issue. We simply did not put up with it and he dropped the “Max Talk” rather quickly.)  We have so many recorded Max & Ruby shows on our DVR that we are running out of room!  We decided that it would be really fabulous if he had one of his favorites for the 18 or so hour drive to South Carolina.  We’ll be thoroughly sick of Max & Ruby when it’s over, but we’ll definitely appreciate the peace it brings and the fact that we can delete them from the DVR. It’s a trade off, but worth it, I think.

We popped into Barnes and Noble yesterday to get a gift card for Father Richard.  His birthday is coming up in just over a week, but he is taking his annual holiday beginning today, so we wanted to get it to him before he left.  TheBoy was so sweet handing it to him. He was so happy to give “Fahder” his present.

MissKaboom has begged me for a trip to WallyWorld today so she can buy the new Jonas Brothers album.  She’s offered to sell me her $15 iTunes gift card for $15 (what a deal!) so she can get the (physical) CD instead of a download.  I think I can accommodate her.

I am very, very seriously considering heading over the the AT&T store to purchase an iPhone for myself.  They are releasing the new “iPhone 3GS” on Friday.  I’ve been considering an iPhone for myself since they released the first one, but have yet to take the plunge.  This new one has more features that I think I will find useful and they now have a 32G model, which I think I can use.  I was so frustrated last night while trying to load an audiobook on my iPod Touch.  I had to delete so much stuff just to make room for that one book.  Frustrating.  Since I was wanting one for so long anyway and since I seem to have outgrown the Touch, this might be a good time to get the iPhone.  We’ll see.

Reading and Listening

On my iPod, I am listening to (or about to listen to)

Glenn Beck’s: An Inconvenient Book

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince audiobook (starting this one today.  this is the book that required me to dump a ton of stuff from my 8G iPod Touch to get it to fit.  Urgh. )

Unfortunately, I’m not really reading right now but this is still at the top of the pile:

The Fulfillment of All Desire

Liturgical/Spiritual –

Holy Hour on Wednesday from 3 to 4

We are still going to this Holy Hour.  We still have our company, but it is working out beautifully.  I have gone alone, for various reasons, the past 2 weeks, though I don’t want to make a habit of that.  I want to encourage the children to spend this Hour with Jesus each week.  They need it as much as I do!  The world we are in is so full of trouble and turmoil that frequent Mass and Communion and spending an hour with the Lord each week is really the best way I can think of to face it all.

Controlling the tongue.

This is such a challenge for me, especially lately.  I find myself just blurting out criticisms every time I feel annoyed.  Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying that criticism is never called for.  Sometimes it is, but there are ways to do it that can help the person receiving the criticism and not just drag them down.  I don’t like harsh criticism myself, but more and more I tend to dish it out.  I seem to be quick to anger and annoyance AND quick to speak, Lord have mercy on me!

Working on detachment!

I am still working on detachment from things (primarily) and from people (where the attachment is inordinate or idolatrous.)  I find that I have too many things (yes, even yarn) and that it is a distraction to me (it also makes life harder in general) and I find that I care much too much about what people think about me, including myself.  It is easy, from day to day, to find that my priorities or views have displaced the Lord as central in my life.  I don’t mean that He’s always a lower priority, but sometimes he is and I never mean for Him to be.  So I need to properly detach from people, things, self and wants in order to remember Who is the real center.

Offering up disappointments

You know, life is just full of them.  Really.  From the meat not thawing in time and having to serve something else for dinner to Chief not having enough leave (and GuitarGirl having rehearsals right away on that Monday) for us to take more time on our upcoming “vacation”.  When I get disappointed in these ways, the temptation is to pull into myself, to feel sorry for myself and to not really believe that the Lord has all of it in control ~ though I’d never say that.  If we make plans to do this or that and find we have to wait or completely change the plans, I can get whiny and pouty instead of accepting it as from the Hand of the Lord and offering the very real feelings back to him in reparation for my own sins and those of the whole world, for the salvation of souls and for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.  That is so not the way I want to go!   In offering it up, I can thank Him for all He does give ~ which is always exactly what I need.

Working on my prayer time

This is an ongoing struggle for me.  I have a “plan” or a “method” that really works for me, and I go along consistently and well (and it’s even, often, fruitful) and then if one thing in my morning/day is more out of whack than usual, it all goes wrong and it is hard to get it back.  I think it’s simply a discipline/will issue.  I may not always have the most fruitful prayer time, but what I can and ought to do is have a consistent prayer time, even if it is truly necessary to switch things around a bit.

We also need to get family prayer time back on track.  With all the rehearsals and performances it was easy to let things go.  That is SO not the answer.  We need to adapt where we can and if someone has to miss, then they have to miss.  Better to have it with part of us than for all of us to not have it.  Such simple things!  Why such struggle?!

Feast of the Sacred Heart

I am looking for an activity for the kids and I to do for the Feast of the Sacred Heart and, as I mentioned not long ago, we are going to do a renewal of the Enthronement and start living it in a better way.

Here is a picture from last Friday :

Fun with friends after Daily Mass

Fun with friends after Daily Mass

I have posted three fairly long entries today.  I really needed to take the time and elaborate a bit more on the things I’m thinking about and planning on doing (or must do)  and all of that today.  I need to do more frequently so I have less to say at once.  Okay, I probably will never have less to say, but I can try!

Thanks to any of you who drudged along with me and read it all (heck, even part of it!)

God bless you!


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One Response to Stuff I’m Thinking About… the rest of it…

  1. ukok says:

    I know all about that ‘doing deals with daughters’ thing! Then again, i have found a way to use it to my advantage too sometimes. I had a £10 voucher and my daughter wanted the last 2 Stephanie Meyer books (of the Twilight series) so she gave me a £10 note and i used my voucher to purchase the two books she wanted and we got free delivery too!

    But have you noticed how often our kids just slip things into the shopping trolley or basket?

    I tell ya, my daughter takes the cake. She slipped in two music magazines last week…they came to a total of about £5. Cheeky monkey!

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