Stuff I’m thinking about… Knitting and Family

This is the second part of “Stuff I’m thinking about”  (Part one was here)

My Knitting Basket

Apart from figuring out how to tame the Stash Monster, (i.e. my ridiculous amount of yarn, needles, patterns, books and other notions) I have several things going and planned right now.  As I mentioned in a previous entry, I have signed up the the 52 Pair Plunge.  I’ve gotten almost nowhere, really, considering this is the third week of the Plunge and I’ve done ONE sock, but I have confidence that I will be able to make up for some lost time on our trip to South Carolina in 2 weeks (we’re driving.)  I am going to do some baby socks (yes, they count) to try to get caught up.  I will also be bringing along 2 other “Works in Progress” (WiP) to that end (or maybe even to “get ahead” of the basic idea that we do a pair a week.)

I heard from Chestnut Bay Fibers and my Sport Team Sock Club yarn should be here this week.  I’m very excited about that!  I can’t wait to see the colors!  (I ordered 5 hanks in Packers colors and 2 hanks in Cowboys colors so I can knit team socks for everyone, including the TRAITORS, in our family.)

I am going to have to fix the sleeves on the completed sleep sack (they really are ridiculously long) and I am still working on the striped one as well.  Along with all of that, I have a couple of other things planned, but I’ll mention those when I get closer to actually casting on or picking it back up.

My Family

Well, the good news is that everyone is doing really well.  School is wrapping up for the kids here at home and for SoldierBoy (who is learning Arabic out in California).  CarKiller is going to be graduating in a couple of weeks and moving on to his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) right after graduation from basic.  He should enjoy that school a lot.

This week, the performances for “All Shook Up” begin, starting with the “Friends and Family” performance on Wednesday.  I can’t wait to see how all of GuitarGirl’s hard work will pay off!  I’m so excited to see her in her first Main Stage production.  I found out this morning that some stuff in “All Shook Up” needs a lot of work, so they’re calling for extra rehearsal time today.  Poor girl went to the theater just before 9 this  morning, will work on HSM2 until 1 and then at 1 will start ASU rehearsal that will last until about 10:30 pm.  OUCH.

MissKaboom and MissCreativity (new nicknames coming soon!) are more than excited about going to see the Jonas Brothers concert this weekend.  They are also planning on a slumber party for next month.  They are inviting several girls over.  They have started a little “home business” to raise funds for this party (they want to do it this way.)  In addition to doing their regular chores, they have a “cleaning business” and offer their services for extra housework at very reasonable prices.  I have been taking advantage of that opportunity!  It is nice to see them so motivated to plan, prepare and pay for this party that they want.  I fear that once they accomplish that goal, they will stop offering these services and I will be left to do those things they have been doing for me all on my own.  *sigh*  Well, maybe.  Maybe they’ll like having an income.  Maybe they’ll keep this business going even after the party.

TheBoy (formerly known as “LittleDood”) is as sweet as ever.  He’s a lot of fun and quite demanding.  (shocker for a 3 year old, I know.)  He’s not loving the heat we’ve had lately and has not been spending a lot of time playing outside lately.  I’m going to encourage him to go out a little bit more and for a little bit longer.  I am hoping the sprinkler and the pool will entice him.

Chief is still slugging along in a job he is not enjoying at all.  He is not using his skills and the “busy work” and paper work his company has him doing is about to make him pull his hair out.  I really hope he hears back on that other job soon.  So far it is not any later than we expected to hear about it, but the waiting is still frustrating!  In the meanwhile, I know he is keeping his eyes and ears open for any other positions looking for someone with his very specific skill set.

I am really, really thankful to God for my wonderful family.  I have a good husband and great kids.  I am very, very blessed.


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