I haven’t said much…

…about CarKiller and his training.

It’s going really well.  He is really loving it.  His only complaints have been about “idiots” who won’t get it together, but those complaints have dwindled off as people have become more serious and have figured out that screwing up will get you smoked!

When he calls, he sounds very good and very strong, though occasionally tired.  He loves going to the field, doing PT, road marches, hand to hand combat training, all of it. He hasn’t mentioned a single thing he didn’t like to do.  He hasn’t even complained about “Fire Guard” shifts (2 hours in the night.)  After working so long and so hard to get in, he has not been disappointed with the Army at all yet. How fabulous is that?!

His graduation date is coming fast!!!  It is also on his birthday!  Three days before graduation, we will hop in the truck and start driving across the country to see him.  It should be about a 17 or 18 hour drive that we will split into two days.  We’ll be driving along I-20 almost the whole way.  Here’s hoping there isn’t too much construction along the way.

The day before graduation is “Family Day.”  It is a day the trainees get to spend with their families.  He will be getting an off post pass, so we’ll take him wherever he wants, but likely he’ll just want to head out to the hotel to relax, phone some friends, hang out and so on.  But you know, if he wants to go to the zoo, that’s fine with me!  We get to have him until 9pm that day!

After graduation (on his birthday) he will fly out to Arizona for the next phase of his training (AIT.)  When he gets there, there is a good chance that he will get to see SoldierBoy who will be in Arizona that weekend.  How great is that?  Granted, he will only get to see him in the company area because CarKiller will required to stick around as a new trainee.  When SoldierBoy went through that school, we found that they got their freedoms (with limits, of course) very quickly.  From what I hear, it’s the same now.

CarKiller’s AIT will last until December.  He should wrap up in time to come home for a couple of weeks over Christmas before he has to report to his first unit.  I am kind of anxious about where he’ll be going!  I know he wants to do his thing “on his own” but I just can’t stop myself from praying he comes to Fort Hood… just down the road from us!

I suspect we will be getting a newsletter from CarKiller’s unit (FINALLY hrmph) today that verifies what we already know about Family Day and graduation (Chief called the Brigade CSM the other day and got the scoop since we hadn’t heard anything and it is getting SO close.)

I will be bringing my cameras (DUH!) and my laptop, so I will probably keep the blog updated with the events at Fort Jackson.

19 Days until Family Day!!!!!



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One Response to I haven’t said much…

  1. snowbabies says:

    Sounds like you have a mighty soldier in your family ( again!) I know you look forward to hugging him!

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