“Close My Eyes”

Of course we all remember this:


From Brian Burch of CatholicVote.org

P.S. Our latest ad aired successfully on American Idol last week in six states.  We have been deluged with responses from across the country.  We pray and hope more than a few seeds have been planted.  Of course once planted, these seeds will need to be watered.  So yes, don’t worry, we have more coming soon.

Many have asked about the music used in our recent ad.  The song “Close My Eyes” [by Daniel Schreck] is available for download via iTunes for $.99.  And if you download it now, a portion of the cost goes directly to CatholicVote.org!  Download the song now at iTunes.

It’s a great song. It’s an easy way to get a small contribution to CatholicVote.org .

The email from CatholicVote also mentioned the following:


Dear CatholicVote.org Member,

We won!  The California Marriage Amendment, known as Prop. 8, remains the law of the land in California.

The California Supreme Court yesterday rejected attempts by homosexual activists to throw out the constitutional amendment passed by 52% of California voters last November.

You may recall that we filed an amicus brief in this important case on behalf of you – and all the members of CatholicVote.org.  In our brief, we argued that activists seeking to void the will of the people in California is “utterly inconsistent with the root premise of the constitution… that ‘all political power is inherent in the people … [that] government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require.’”

Less reported is the fact that voters crossed traditional political lines to pass this amendment.  For example, 53% of Hispanics supported the amendment and African Americans voted in favor of the amendment by a whopping 70-30% margin!

Unfortunately, the court also preserved thousands of ‘marriages’ between same-sex couples that were performed during the intervening period between yesterday’s decision, and a previous court ruling allowing same-sex marriage in California.  These same-sex couples remain married under an illicit decision that has now been trumped by a vote of the people.

All political posturing and rhetoric aside, marriage between a man and woman remains the best environment to raise a child, and the people of every state deserve the right to uphold this time-tested institution.



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