Awwwwwww Man!!!!!! Nuts!

I like Glenn Beck.  I think he’s funny and possesses a lot of common sense.  I TiVo ~yes, yes I do~  his show (it’s on at 4pm here, for cryin’ out loud!) and I subscribe to his daily email newsletter thingy.


Today, when the email came, I got SO EXCITED!   I didn’t understand it, I didn’t know why, I didn’t now how, but I was excited because it said:

May 21, 2009

On Today’s Program





Whoo!!! Interviewing Rush?????  HOW DID HE PULL THAT OFF!!!!!  Forget the auditions, kids, we’re staying home and watching TV!!!!


Yeah.  Except in my brain, I saw these guys:



Rush:  the band.  my favorite band



Not this guy:



Rush Limbaugh, the polictical commentator.  
NOT my favorite band.

<sniff, sniff>  Yeah, I was wrong.


I’m such a goober!  LOL!










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Catholic, Middle-Aged, Knitting-Addicted, Wife, Homeschooler, Mom of 6, Mom-in-Law to 1, Mother of 11 little saints, Grandma to 1, Godmother to 12, Foster Mom to 5, Army mom, Happily living in Texas!
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2 Responses to Awwwwwww Man!!!!!! Nuts!

  1. Hoagy74 says:

    LOL! You crack me up!

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