Fr. Corapi on the Notre Dame Scandal


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2 Responses to Fr. Corapi on the Notre Dame Scandal

  1. regan says:

    i noticed in his recent newsletter that he said he actually went to notre dame. i wonder what he did there? perhaps to pray? sorry, just wondering outloud and i wanted you to know that i enjoyed that little video clip. i really need to renew my weekly wisdom subscription!

    • If they ever start using Quicktime, I’ll subscribe to Weekly Wisdom. As it is, I can’t watch his videos because I *only* use a Mac. So weird since there are so many formats all computers can use… and I know there’s at least one video on the site I can watch. If they can do it once, I don’t understand why not all the time. Oh, well, one day.

      I saw he went there, too… not sure what he did.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s nice to “meet” you.

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