Gardasil… the Rest of the Story?

This article by Mary Beth Bonacci was published back in February, but I missed it. A link to Sarah, led to a link to Shelly, which led me to google for the “original”. I found it in the Arlington Catholic Herald:

Drug company puts young lives at risk

I’m usually not the kind of person to say “I told you so.” But in this case, I’m more than happy to make an exception.

Two years ago, I wrote an article called “A Virus that Causes Cancer?” In it, I discussed the then-new vaccine Gardasil, which helps protect women against the HPV virus, a sexually transmitted organism that can lead to cervical cancer. Several states were in the process of mandating the vaccine — for girls as young as 11 — under intense pressure from Merck’s lobbying efforts.

I pointed out that early signs were not good, with a high number of reported side effects including fainting, loss of vision and seizures. More important, I noted that there had been absolutely no studies on the long-term safety of the vaccine. Given the highly preventable nature of HPV-related cervical cancer, I thought it was senseless — downright dumb — to expose young girls to these kinds of risks.

I received a lot of feedback from that article. Some thanked me. Others re-posted and re-published it in other sources. But many, many people wrote to argue with me. Girls are going to have sex no matter what we do. We need to protect them. What kind of freakish 1950s era time warp do I live in? One doctor wrote an impassioned letter defending her practice of vaccinating her young female patients with Gardasil. She wrote about the critical importance of Gardasil in protecting our young women’s futures — and acknowledged almost as an aside that yes, there are still questions about the long-term safety of the vaccine.

That was then. Let’s fast forward two years.

I was flipping around the TV channels the other night and for some reason I stopped on the CBS Evening News. (Must’ve been the Holy Spirit, because I’m generally not a big network news fan.) Soon I was watching a feature story entitled “New Worries about Gardasil Safety.”

The piece started with a very sweet-looking young girl, Gabby Swank, who got the vaccine because “we felt almost pressured by the commercials.” Afterward, she got sicker and sicker, eventually suffering seizures, strokes and severe heart problems. She is now too sick to even attend school…….. [Read the rest HERE.]

I wish I could say that I am stunned that things are turning out this way. I wish that I were shocked that the “Almighty Dollar” would cause such risks to be taken. I wish that I were surprised that this sort of thing is happening. And I really wish I was wrong when I expected all of it. Lord, have mercy.


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6 Responses to Gardasil… the Rest of the Story?

  1. snowbabies says:

    makes me sick… sick sick sick… ugh… straight from you know where….

  2. matt says:

    Wow. I remember when this first came out people told me about it because I have four daughters. At the time I did a little research and was turned off but I had no idea.
    I shudder to think how many people bought into it.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  3. RAnn says:

    Hi, my name is RAnn and I am the author of This, That and the Other Thing at This is an invitation to you to participate in Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival. This will be a weekly meme in which bloggers can highlight posts somehow relating to Catholicism and invite others to visit their blogs. For more information, check out this week’s post.

  4. teachinmom says:

    I remember seeing this article in our diocesean newspaper as well. It was quite timely. Our oldest was going in for her 14 year old check up. I had her read the article so she could see why I was being so insistent that she not get the vaccine..

  5. Ammie says:

    I hadn’t seen any of this information, thanks for posting it! I’ll be passing it along!

  6. mum6kids says:

    I made it clear no daughter of mine would receive this and was given the rolled eyes response from some people. It was becoming clear very early on that not only was this vaccine not needed but that the side effects were pretty bad. Having been a nurse I can remember the reluctance of doctors to send Yellow Sheets over drug effects. Yellow Sheets are in the back of the BNF (drug book) and only medics could fill them in back then (rules may have changed-not sure). Nurses would report side effects of new drugs and the docs were supposed to report them using the yellow sheet. But there were huge vested interests in not reporting.

    It’s another follow the money situation

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