Confirmation Photos

Confirmation was wonderful!!!


Hrmph.  My battery was getting low, apparently.  I struggled to get most of my (few) shots, so I don’t have as many as I would have liked.  Here are a few I want to share:



Before Confirmation

Before Confirmation



Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Bishop of Austin

Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Bishop of Austin



Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Bishop of Austin

Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Bishop of Austin



Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Bishop of Austin and GuitarGirl after Confirmation

Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Bishop of Austin and GuitarGirl after Confirmation





The following photographs are from the “Rosary Garden” that is on our parish property.  This is a place for families who lose little babies in their earliest  weeks can bury their children.  Our family was the first family to place a baby there.  Our son, Joseph is buried in the garden.  The Squires have taken it upon themselves to make this a space with dignity and beauty, befitting its purpose.  Our Bishop came to the site, spoke, prayed, and blessed the ground.  His words word beautiful.  He spoke of the burden of losing children so early and so young, but of the great joy we can anticipate in the reunion we will have at the Heavenly Banquet.











And this one is just because they’re so darn cute!!!



I had a moment to speak with His Excellency and remind him of several years ago when our priest introduced us and told him of our repeated pregnancy losses.  The Bishop prayed over me and blessed me.  I had the great privilege and blessing of introducing him to our LittleDude ~ the answer to that prayer.


I also took the opportunity to tell him of the morning that I did a “happy dance” in my living room (yes, I told him that!) when I read that he had added his voice to those who have corrected and called Fr. Jenkins to account over the Obama-Notre Dame issue.  He thanked us and asked us to pray for him because as hard as we (he, his brother Bishops, the faithful) have worked for the pro-life cause, things seem to be getting worse and he needs the prayers.  We assured him that we do and will continue.



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6 Responses to Confirmation Photos

  1. snowbabies says:

    Oh Glorious day!!!!! What a treasure for her and for the entire family!!! May God bless her and walk with her always.

  2. teachinmom says:

    Ok, first, WOOHOO Congratulations on the confirmation!!!

    And then, we totally have that same tie for #6!!!!!



  3. jess says:

    Congratulations Guitargirl and Mama!

  4. KC says:

    Congratulations, Guitargirl!!!

    Thank you for the pictures of the rosary garden.

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  6. ukok says:

    Congratulations to GuitarGirl! What a splendid day. How wonderful too, that the Bishop prayed over you and blessed you 🙂

    p.s. i was reading here the other day, in your sidebar, what it says about your heavenly children…my heart goes out to you for the many losses you have endured (((hugs)))

    p.s. you can never write a comment on my blog that is too long – i love to hear from readers – the more you write, the better i can get to know you 🙂

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