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America’s “Oldest” Abortion Centre Closes Forever During Holy Week

By Kathleen Gilbert

OAKLAND, California, April 15, 2009 ( – What is believed to be America’s longest-running abortion facility, the Women’s Choice Clinic of Oakland, Cal., announced last Wednesday it was forced to close thanks to shortages in taxpayer funds from the financially strapped state.

The centre ended 36 years of abortion procedures after delayed reimbursements from Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid program, made rent payment impossible.  Medi-Cal funds comprised 90% of the clinic’s income.

The abortion facility first opened in 1972, and had seen over 64,000 customers, according to the Oakland Tribune.  It was known for catering to teen, low-income, homosexual, and Spanish-speaking customers in the Bay Area.

“The state had been bailing out this abortion mill for years. Finally, when the economic crisis hit, there just was no more bail-out money and they were forced into financial ruin, something that should have happened naturally long ago,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman last week.

“This Good Friday, we thank God for the good news that another abortion mill is out of business,” said Newman. “It looks like the financial crisis has forced California to do the right thing in halting payments for abortions, even if it is for the wrong reasons. We pray that California will learn its lesson and terminate all future funding for abortions in that state.”

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