WordPress and Safari?

I use Safari (Mac’s browser)  I like it better than any other (yes, including Firefox).  The past 2 days, however, I have had the worst time using Safari here on WordPress.  I haven’t had that trouble before and I am wondering if anyone else is having trouble, too?  Maybe I just need to run Cocktail (though I just did a couple of days ago)… and I *can* get used to using Firefox if I must (at least here) but I’d really rather keep using Safari.

Anyone else having trouble with Safari and WordPress?


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2 Responses to WordPress and Safari?

  1. snowbabies says:

    Safari has been running slow for me.. but I haven’t associated it with just WordPress.. I get the beachball of doom alot lately.

    • Have you downloaded Cocktail yet? You can get it here: http://www.maintain.se/cocktail/download.php

      This is a must have for Mac Users. Run it once a week or so and things should be running smoothly again. If you need to bring your machine by, we’ll be happy to show you what we run on cocktail to get you started.

      My problems have strictly been related to posting on wordpress with safari. I have NO problems when I use firefox. grrrr.

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