found this video on Patrick Madrid’s blog.  It’s GREAT!



Soul Wow


Also, just a reminder to those local to me….  You can get your own “soul wow” at St Paul’s this evening!


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2 Responses to SoulWow.Com

  1. jim lewman says:

    Yeah We’ll confess the Priests

    • Dear Jim,

      Thank you for coming to my blog.

      Clearly you have a problem with our priests. You are free to have a problem with our priests. I have had problems with individual men who are priest and sinners, but the priesthood across the board is not corrupt in spite of the sinners in the ranks, just as the rest of the Body is not corrupt because of the sinners in the ranks. And there are plenty of sinners in the ranks, of which I am counted as among the most guilty. But thanks be to God that Jesus came to save sinners, not the righteous, so there is hope in His Mercy for me and for you!!!

      If you have a question about the SACRAMENT of confession, that’s great. If you simply have a desire to degrade all priests because of a few, you will not find a venue here for that. I will not approve messages that contain attacks.

      The “soul wow” video was a humorous appeal to CATHOLICS as they are the only ones eligible for the sacrament and I shared it on my CATHOLIC blog for my CATHOLIC and Catholic-friendly readers. Everyone, including you, is free to read, of course, but I am not directing my blog at folks like you who are antiCatholic and antiPriest, so please don’t be surprised to find CATHOLIC things here and don’t be surprised if I will not allow attacks against priests or the Church here.

      God bless you.

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