Birthday Pictures! (and a few other things)

Here are a whole bunch of pictures!  Even though it was “birthday weekend” here, I have one picture in particular that I want to share first.  



This is M.

This is M.



This is a picture of M.  I have some good news about M.  M is a “convert”… I’ve been praying for the poor man since I met him 9 years ago.  When I met him, up until recently, he not only was a Win-doze user and lover, he also worked for a PC company.  One that I have never liked and have come to like less as I’ve seen how they treat their employees.  Thank God M. no longer works for them (though sometimes I wonder if it is a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire!  However, thank God, also, that he has a job that still allows him to feed, clothe and house his wife and six children!!)  And now for the good news…

M bought his first Mac on Saturday!!!!  Welcome to the “fullness of truth”, M!!!  Now to get C to come over to the light with you!

This is C.  She will soon succumb to the truth.

This is C., M's wife. She will soon succumb to the truth.


I look terrible in the pictures I’m in, but I’ve never really taken a good picture, so I just live with it! 🙂


LittleDood was very helpful with opening presents.  He was also very sweet.  He picked out some presents for me.  He chose crayons (the 96 count box with sharpener!) markers (50 smelly markers!) and peanut m&m’s.  We’re going to have quite a bit of fun coloring together (and maybe sharing a snack!)  I also received some nice baskets, a knitting tote, a spring purse and 2 movies from the girls (I’m sure I’m forgetting some things.  I was quite spoiled by them.)  The movies are Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  Gosh I love those movies! 😀 I really like Simon Pegg and I especially like him when he is working with Nick Frost.   Unfortunately, Chief just doesn’t “get” them.  I think they are hilarious (I like Hot Fuzz more than Shawn, but they’re both great.  I like Run, Fat Boy, Run as well.  We’ve just rented How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.  I hope to watch it tomorrow.)  Thank you girls!!!!!  You outdid yourselves and really chose some wonderful things that I will use and enjoy for a long time!  You’re the best!


Chief made a “gift card” for me.  I just don’t know what I want, so he made up a gift card for me and I will spend it on whatever it is that I want if I ever decide what I want!  Thank you, Chief.  You are too generous, as always.  I know I’ll get something (or many somethings) that I like.


CarKiller cooked a most delicious burger dinner for me and is fixing my front flower gardens.  I think he’ll finish today and will be putting plants in later.  This has become something of a tradition and I LOVE IT.  He does such a nice job on the garden out front and this year there will be a second area for flowers.  Whatever will I do next year if he is not home?!  He just HAS to take leave.  It’s just that simple.  His unit will have to understand that he just has to come home and put my garden in.  Thanks, boy!  You know how much I enjoy the gardens you create for me.  I will have them to look at and remind me of you (not that I’ll need reminding!) until I see you at graduation this summer!


SoldierBoy and I got to spend some time, unrushed, talking with each other yesterday and it was absolutely lovely.  He and I are both so busy, so an unhurried, leisurely conversation that left me feeling more connected to him was so wonderful!!!  Thank you, sweetie.  I miss you so much and loved, loved, loved talking with you!


I told you that the birthday club gave me a generous gift card for Barnes and Noble.  M. & C. (above) and their kids gave me a very generous iTunes gift card!  I already use most of it on C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy audiobooks.  I’ve wanted to read them for forever, but I just don’t have the time to read them (and I lost one of the books!)  I love that I can combine dishes, laundry, knitting time, etc., with enjoying these books!  WhooHoo!  Thank you, M, C and kiddos (who happen to be my godchildren!)


I have pictures and video from the other camera, but I cannot find the dern USB cable for that camera.  (Why aren’t these things standardized?!  And get this:  they are even the same brand camera and I still need 2 different cables.  hrmph!)  If there are any pictures worth sharing, I’ll put them up later.


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2 Responses to Birthday Pictures! (and a few other things)

  1. Cathy says:

    LMBO! I’m directing him here right now.

    Couldn’t you have blurred my picture or something? I hate my picture taken. lol Glad you and Miss Kaboom enjoyed the birthdays.

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