There is Something I’ve Been Thinking About…

… that Charlotte at Waltzing Matilda articulated beautifully!


I feel left behind in this whole social networking craze. I once defended the internet because it was a way to build community where there was none but now, I see many friends I have communicated with in thought and word via blogs turning to social networking and in turn, neglecting their blogs. So I tried popping onto Facebook via my husband’s page (which he doesn’t ever use) and just couldn’t get into it. It was all jumbled up and not very orderly which made me feel like I needed to tidy up and declutter. If I want to feel like that, I just have to walk into my kids’ bedrooms! Then, I opened up a Twitter account, tried to pop around and see what people were talking about… and promptly had a panic attack. Seriously. All the chatter, all the conversation, all the virtual noise and I felt my chest tighten up, my heart race and my breathing get shallower and shallower.


Read the rest here.


Thank you, Charlotte, for saying what many of us are feeling


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Catholic, Middle-Aged, Knitting-Addicted, Wife, Homeschooler, Mom of 6, Mom-in-Law to 1, Mother of 11 little saints, Grandma to 1, Godmother to 12, Foster Mom to 5, Army mom, Happily living in Texas!
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3 Responses to There is Something I’ve Been Thinking About…

  1. snowbabies says:

    I read her post too and completely agree as well.. I just can’t do it…

  2. gsk says:

    Your family looks lovely, dear one! There are some similarities between yours and mine, though we’re a Navy family and you’re Army — but the biggest difference is that it looks like you have at least four times as much energy as I do — God bless!

  3. oh, no… I very seriously doubt it! Remember, blogs of this nature only give a partial look. If I didn’t have all of these kids, I’d get much less done! I have the energy of a typical 44 year old with 6 kids, who homeschools and whose husband has been deployed for 19 of the last 22 months! I’m not afraid to tell you that it’s not all that much!

    Thank you for your lovely book. I’ve been trying to figure out how to say all things I want to say a bout it here on my blog and to my friends. It is deep and it is “meaty” without being so academic that it cannot reach us “where we live.” It avoids sentimental “fluff” while being personal, encouraging and inspiring. And I’m not even finished yet!!! There is so much to be said about your excellent book, but I will finish the book first and then I will try my best to do it justice when I do write about it.

    Thank you for stopping by!

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