Reflections 1 March 2009

reflectionsThanks to Darcee at Simply Catholic for this format!

Reflections on the Day for 23 February 2009.

The weather has turned cooler.  Cold in the mornings (below freezing) but still decent during the day when the wind isn’t howling.

Plans for this week – More stuff sorted and moved to storage.

I am wearing – slacks, black shirt, and birkenstocks

I am feeling – tired and like I want a nap!

I am hearing – The kids playing

I am thankful for – The Columbian Squires of our parish who will be fixing the Rosary Garden on our parish grounds. This is a very personal thing for me and after meeting with the adult assistant for this project, I am more than confident that these fine young men will be doing an outstanding job, giving much deserved dignity to this little plot of land.

I am wondering why – The dishwasher takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r to run a cycle.

I am contemplating – What I’ve been reading in the de Sales book!

In prayer – Chief and all of our kids, all of my friends and family,

for a very dear friend who is working through a lot of stuff right now.

for another friend who has a very important, potentially life changing, appointment tomorrow

~ and for their families.

The Children:

SoldierBoy: Is very slowly healing from the injury he got in the accident.

CarKiller: Has been working on sorting and moving stuff to storage

GuitarGirl: Her camping trip was cancelled.

MissKaboom & MissCreativity: Had a friend spend the night Friday

LittleDood: is truly potty trained.  yay!

The Homefires:

Kitchen – We had brisket, rice, gravy and corn

In our my craft room: Just knitting, check out the My Knitting Basket page. Took a break from working on the “under gown” and worked on the TKGA Master course swatches.

In our school: Starting a new week is always hopeful!

Lucky Room(s) of the week: The garage and the attic spaces.

My iPod – Kimberly Hahn’s A Mother’s Rule of Life for the Domestic Church CD’s

My Reading – chose Sermons for Lent by St. Francis de Sales for lenten reading. I am so loving it so far!

My meditation for the Day



Blessed Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916)


However low we fall, let us never despair.
God’s goodness surpasses all possible evil.
“Though your sins be like scarlet, they may become white as wool” (Is 1,18).
There is no moment of our lives when we cannot begin a wholly new existence,…
separated from our former infidelities as by a wall.


Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

Good old Zos, the Dog  (he's not bad as far as dogs go... which isn't terribly far in my book, but for a dog, he's alright.)

Good old Zos, the Dog (he's not bad as far as dogs go... which isn't terribly far in my book, but for a dog, he's alright.)


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