CarKiller Back at MEPS

CarKiller is back at MEPS.  The trouble joy has already begun.  Some folks started harassing him.  “You’re not manifested to be here. Why are you here?  Who told you to come?  Did you actually talk to the 1SG?”


I’ve gone out of my way to attribute the best possible motives and explanations for what is going on with this mess.  I’ve given the benefit of the doubt where it probably was not deserved.   I’m almost to the point of deciding that either the place really IS full of slimy people who love believing they have control over other people’s lives OR that this is the most incompetent group of people to assemble ever.  Okay, second most.  (We do have our “pork loving” House and Senate.)


CarKiller has about had it, though.  He’s playing their game by their rules now and it appears, for the time being anyway, that he has gotten the upper hand in this.  He’s standing up and letting them know that he most certainly understands that they don’t own him and that he is willing to walk.  Or call their superiors.  Or both.  (Not)Suprisingly, they have changed their approach.  They have suddenly become kinder, more concerned, and more willing to accommodate him.  It’s still going to stink being down there, but the harassment they started the day with, which was at about a level 12 on a scale of 1 – 10, suddenly dropped to about a 2 (there’s always someone, you know?)


Once again, I beg your prayers for CarKiller and for this mess to finally be over with, with a perfect outcome.


Saint Augustine, patron of CarKiller for 2009, pray for us!


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2 Responses to CarKiller Back at MEPS

  1. Hoagy says:

    I hope it gets sorted out. Is he trying to renegotiate his contract?

    • Yes. The renegotiation request (form 1035) has been approved. They’ve worked out getting an exception, so now they just have to get it, accept it, sign for it, I guess. Though, we realize they will *try* to get him to stick with the original contract if they can. He’s prepared for it, I think.

      Either he will be leaving in a week or not until April.

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