Prayers for SoldierBoy, Please

SoldierBoy has had a rough weekend.  He went to Lake Tahoe to ski and snowboard.  

viper First someone hit his very expensive truck, while SoldierBoy was PARKED and is trying to force the blame on him. :-\  


ramsrt-10There were witnesses, so I am sure it will be fine, but still… I can’t imagine!  How is it that a truck parked in a parking space is at fault, exactly?  Sheesh.  (SoldierBoy told me that his friend took pictures of the skid tracks left in the snow by the car that hit them before they were covered with the new snow.  I’m so glad he thought to do that.  Apparently, by the time the police showed up, the marks were already covered.)


Then when he went snowboarding, he fell and really hurt his back.  He was in enough pain to send him to the resort’s clinic.  They told him he was fine, just sore, but today the pain is so much worse that he is going to head over to the emergency room when he gets back to post.  I think probably he is fine, as these things do tend to feel worse before they feel better, but I’m really glad that he’s going to go and make sure.  I spoke to Soldier boy myself, apparently, things got lost in the translation and his back problems are solely from the accident.  Apparently, weather did not permit more skiing/boarding after he was done with the police for the accident report and all that.  Also, the Col who is the Chief of the military clinic did not authorize his trip to the (civilian) ER last night, so he has to go on sick call this morning.  I hope he was able to sleep.

soldierboy-and-meWould you please pray that he has a good, easy and smooth outcome with the insurance companies and that his back is fine?  



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3 Responses to Prayers for SoldierBoy, Please

  1. Hoagy says:

    My prayers are going out for Soldier Boy. Sounds like he really hit a rough patch. I hope he mends quickly and that he can get his truck ordeal sorted out without too much grief!

  2. kidjuggler says:

    So SoldierBoy goes back to the active list on the calendar! Sending prayers!!!

  3. mum6kids says:

    Prayers offered. I’m glad his friend was canny enough to take photos. Good move.
    God bless –

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