So, What Do We Do?

Like a lot of people, I am thinking about the economy.  I am reading things that remind us that we are not yet to the level of problems that we had in the 1980’s… it’s been worse before, at least in some ways, even in my lifetime. Though you wouldn’t know it by what President Obama said.   And yet we are watching the government promote ideas to fix the problem that are very similar to the things that happened right before the Great Depression.  It makes me wonder why anyone would think that repeating those actions would provide a better outcome this time.  Yes, this is a different market, a different world, and yet, it seems to me (and I am NO financial expert) that if you do the same things that is isn’t unreasonable to expect the same, or at least similar, results.  I realize, too, that our current market has a lot of “emotion” in it.  Principles that should apply may not simply because people act on how they feel, not necessarily on sound principles.  



And now, Fannie Mae is going to relax lending standards again… um, wasn’t that the big catalyst to where we are right now?


I admit that all of this financial stuff is beyond me.    I can’t hold my own with the experts (on either side) out there, but the more I read, the more uncomfortable I am with the direction things are going.  The things being considered by those in power have me wondering if the “plan”  will actually reverse this or make it worse (I’m thinking “make it worse.”)  Of course,  I am not sure what is going to happen ~no one is SURE.  I want to hold out hope that somehow, recovery will come soon, but that is more than difficult.  


I want to believe that in a few weeks, after the pork and insanity is removed from the “stimulus package”, that a good plan to help the country (and the world) is put in place, but quite frankly, I am not all that confident about that. (I don’t have confidence that those running the show will find a good solution nor that they will give up all the pork.)  I find it hard to believe that the new administration and the democrats in control really have my best interest at heart, but rather are using this economic crisis to push through some of their “ideals.”  (Like banning any public funding to a public institution that allows religious practice in its buildings on campus… See THIS article.)


What is not beyond me is thinking about what this could mean for my family.  I can’t control it, really, but ought I prepare for the worst?  Should I start hanging onto cash and putting up food for the future?  Should I learn how to turn my brown thumb into a green one?  (Living in Texas with clay for soil is probably a huge strike against any brown-thumbed momma.)  Should we move to where we can raise chickens and sheep?


So, what’s a Catholic family to do?  Of course, we trust that God will take care of us and we need not be anxious. (Matthew 6:26-34)  We know that He has a plan (Jer. 29:11)  But what is our part?  We usually have a part to play. (Matthew 25:1-9)  To prepare, to watch, to trust… how do we, practically speaking, do it today?  How do we do it now, in these times?   So I am curious.  Where do you stand?  What are you doing?  Anything?  Nothing?



Whatever we do, it is obvious that it must be rooted in Trust.  Jesus, I Trust in You!  The question is:  what does that trust look like?


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Catholic, Middle-Aged, Knitting-Addicted, Wife, Homeschooler, Mom of 6, Mom-in-Law to 1, Mother of 11 little saints, Grandma to 1, Godmother to 12, Foster Mom to 5, Army mom, Happily living in Texas!
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One Response to So, What Do We Do?

  1. kidjuggler says:

    We have been putting back extra food, cash, general household items for a while. Yes, it has a lot to do with the economy but it is also just a good security blanket to have around. Whether it is because DH loses his job, some domestic attack, natural disaster; we want to make sure that our family, our children will not suffer for the basic needs.
    We trust that Jesus is the one in control ultimately, but since He also gave us a mind to think with I think it is better to be prepared in whatever way that you can.

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