Reflections 8 February 2009

reflectionsThanks to Darcee at Simply Catholic for this format!

Reflections on the Day for 8 February 2009.

It’s a lovely 60°F!!

Plans for this week –  Tuesday night, Ditch and Stitch.  YAY!

I am wearing – jeans and shirt and birks

I am feeling – aggravated because I can’t sleep! I am also feeling anxious about what may come with the economy.  I think I need a “farmlet” so I can have some chickens! and some sheep so i can have yarn.  Seriously, I do worry.  I don’t know how to prepare… if we should prepare in any particular way, or if somehow we will pull through in spite of all the crazy “solutions” the government wants to offer.  I just can’t shake the feeling that this can’t be good.

I am hearing – the fish tank.  it’s so loud. it needs a new filter.

I am thankful for – Every blessing and every cross.

In prayer – everyone in my address book!  CarKiller and the “reno.” and when to consider the “ATM” course… if ever.  (Stanislawa Leszczynska, pray for me! Lisbeth Burger, pray for me!)

The Children:

SoldierBoy: Just had his wisdom teeth out.  Ouch.  

CarKiller: Well, you know he signed a contract.  Now he may be renegotiating that contract. (please just pray)

GuitarGirl: It is Scout Sunday.  At the end of Mass the Sea Scouts working on their Pope Pius badge (well and other scouts) were presented to the parish.  GuitarGirl’s Skipper took the opportunity to tease her in front of the parish… her nickname in her “ship” is “K-Boom”… we’ll just say it had something to do with the boom of a boat and GuitarGirl and water…  LOL

MissKaboom: seems to have enjoyed the addition of IEW to our schooling.

MissCreativity: wishes schooling didn’t take up so much knitting time!

LittleDood: is as cute as ever

The Homefires:

Kitchen -Tonight?  Tbone steak.  YUM!!!  

Menu plans, grocery shopping this week

Bake something yummy for Ditch and Stitch… I hope… no promises at this point.  I woke at 3, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I may be delirious right now.

In our my craft room: Just knitting, check out the My Knitting Basket page.  Still working on the “under gown”

Also time to get the yarn and needles reorganized

In our school:  Nothing spectacular or fun (Sorry, Kids!)  Valentine’s party scheduled for this week with the homeschool group… we haven’t RSVP’d as I’m still waiting to see what happens with CarKiller.

Lucky Room(s) of the week:  My bedroom and closet!

My iPod – Deathly Hallows 

My Reading – Nothing again.

My scripture meditation for the Day

Isaiah 55: 8,9       

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, 
neither are your ways my ways,” 
declares the LORD.”
As the heavens are higher than the earth, 
so are my ways higher than your ways 
and my thoughts than your thoughts

Here a picture thought I am sharing:



Asian Pear Cake.. Thanks to Karen and her girls!

Asian Pear Cake... thanks to Karen and her girls!

The bottle we'd been saving for when CarKiller had a contract!

The bottle we'd been saving for when CarKiller had a contract!



The Boy loves to run, run, run!
The Boy loves to run, run, run!
"Here I come, Mom!"

"Here I come, Mom!"


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3 Responses to Reflections 8 February 2009

  1. Phil says:

    That cake looks delicious!

  2. Phil says:

    So long as it was appreciated – that’s what matters!

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