Don’t Unfold Those Hands Yet

There is yet another road bump for CarKiller…


Now they are telling him that his desired MOS (35M) is not available until after the fiscal year.  Phooey.  God has gotten him this far, so please keep praying that one comes up tomorrow when he sits with the career counselor.


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4 Responses to Don’t Unfold Those Hands Yet

  1. KC says:

    Continuing to pray.

  2. darcee says:

    Good luck to him. My husband didn’t get his MOS the way he was promised, but what he got turned out to be much better than he could have imagined. God’s work is sometimes such a mysterious thing.

    Anyhow. I got tagged in a meme thing and I thought I would tag you too (share the joy/pain)


    • At least they’re not promising an MOS he can’t have. It does look like the 35M classes are filled through FY09. CarKiller could wait, but I think he’ll do something else and not wait 8 months. I know that he will love the other MOS, too, even if it doesn’t “translate” well to the civilian world. We should know today. I’m just glad he’s coming home today!

      ~And thanks for spreadin’ the love! 😀

  3. AmmieJo says:

    He is continually in my prayers!

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