Reflections on the Day for 25 January 2009

reflectionsThanks to Darcee at Simply Catholic for this format!

Reflections on the Day for 25 January 2009.

It’s chilly again.  36°F.  This past week we had 2 days in the 80’s.

Plans for this week – nothing out of the ordinary

I am wearing – comfy pants and a long sleeve Disneyworld t’shirt

I am feeling – Another “heater headache”.  

I am also feeling kind of “out of sorts.”  But that is for a separate entry, I think. 

I am hearing – The heater running, the fish tank filter

I am thankful for – everything!  But today I mention:  my family and our wonderful pastor, Father Richard.

In prayer – My husband and kids, my friends who are pregnant, KC and her family who laid their little baby to rest on Friday.  

I am also praying for a Holy Hour for us.  We want to go together, but we really need a time that is “ours”.  Not that we would not welcome others to join us, but we need a time where it is “our” time so that LittleDood will not be disturbing someone else’s time with the Lord.  Time in Adoration with a 3 year old is quite different than the time that, say, a 60 year old widow, would spend.  I don’t doubt that the Lord doesn’t mind LittleDood being, well, 3, but others sure do.  So, I pray that an Hour becomes available for us.  Please join me in this prayer.

The Children:

LittleDood is mostly potty trained.  He went from pretty much rebelling against it one day to doing it the next.  Yay.  He forgets once in a while and has an accident, but he’s pretty much got it now.

MissCreativity, MissKaboom, and GuitarGirl are all enjoying Aristocats.  They sing and dance together all throughout the day (so much so that I’m getting really tired of the music from this production! OY!)

CarKiller FINALLY has an appointment for his PFT for his enlistment.  St. Augustine, pray for us!

SoldierBoy is presumed to be alive and well!  I haven’t spoken to him for a little while, but CarKiller has.  Everything is going fine, I believe.  He is just swamped learning his new language.

The Homefires:

Kitchen – This week, I am going to take a REAL inventory of everything we have in the cabinets, refrigerators and freezers and see if I can’t use that inventory to make a menu.  

Lucky Room of the Week: FOR REAL, the garage is going to get done this week.  I know, I know.  But if I have to, I’ll do it myself.  FORGET THAT!  I went out and took a look to get an idea, to make a plan for how to handle it… there. is. no. way.  Ugh.  Okay, little sister… there you have it.  I finally caved and “gave up”!  😀  It’s too much for me! (my sister called this [Monday] morning, to share something pretty darn exciting but HAD to mention that she laughs daily at my “determination” re: the garage.  LOL  Hiya, Sistah!)

I am seriously considering getting a rental storage unit for a couple of months while I look into getting a more permanent solution on our property.  The only way to get that garage in shape is to move stuff out of there…  but to where?  Gosh, I wish we had basements here!

The rest of the house – Decluttering.  As I sit here looking around, I see that a lot of things are getting deposited in random places and they need to be gathered and put in their proper places.



Knitting – finish a couple of WiP’s, cast on a couple of new ones… when the others are finished

Other: – Reviewing where we are in our school plans and where we need to go to achieve the goals for this year


In our my craft room: KNITTING, KNITTING, KNITTING!!!  Also painting a very large popcorn tin.  It has a nice, Christmas-y cardinal & Christmas greenery image on it, but I’d like something that I can use year round.  I’ve painted another one in the past and it turned out well.

My iPod – I finished the Return of King and am listening to the “bonus” track of Tolkien’s essay “Concerning Hobbits” that was included on it.  After that?  Who knows?

My Reading – Still not reading.  *sigh*

My scripture meditation for the Day


First Letter to the Corinthians 7,29-31.

I tell you, brothers, the time is running out.
From now on, let those having wives act as not having them,
those weeping as not weeping, those rejoicing as not rejoicing,
those buying as not owning, those using the world as not using it fully.
For the world in its present form is passing away. 


Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

Goodies I purchased with a Knit Picks gift card from Chief.  YUMMY!

Goodies I purchased with a Knit Picks gift card from Chief. YUMMY!


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Catholic, Middle-Aged, Knitting-Addicted, Wife, Homeschooler, Mom of 6, Mom-in-Law to 1, Mother of 11 little saints, Grandma to 1, Godmother to 12, Foster Mom to 5, Army mom, Happily living in Texas!
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5 Responses to Reflections on the Day for 25 January 2009

  1. Carla says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and especially your reflections. I think that it’s a great way to put your life in order and give yourself a bit of a “to do” list for the week. I really should try it. It might make me accountable! 🙂

    And if you need littledood to come over for an hour or 2 so that you can get your Holy Hour without a 3 year old distraction, let me know! We’d love to have a playdate once a week with him. He’s totally welcome over here! Beaners would love it!

  2. KC says:

    That yarn looks scrumptious! Thank you for the prayers.

  3. kidjuggler says:

    We are out of beans.
    Sadness hangs over the house.
    Teeth are gnashing, there is wailing and ashes are smeared on foreheads.
    The smiles are gone (so is the gas)

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