Patron Saint for 2009


It’s January 10th.  Do you know who your patron is?


Until this year, I had never heard of the devotion of a Saint choosing you for the year.  I understand that they did this in St. Faustina’s convent.  If that was in her diary, I missed it.  


So, this year, after Mass on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, a lovely woman in our parish had a gift bag full of small slips of paper.  She was having people reach into the bag and draw out a slip.  I was curious and asked what she was doing.  She explained to me this devotion of a Saint choosing to be your patron for the year.  She was very clear to emphasize that the Saint chooses us, we do not choose them and it was no random accident.  


Cool.  So I have the kids all grab one and I grabbed one for Little Dood.  Finally, I chose one for myself.  I looked at the tiny slip of paper, opened it, read it, and my first thought was,  “Oh great. A martyr.”  Of course I was joking (well, mostly, sorta.)  


I knew a little bit about my Saint.  I’d read a bit.  I’d even seen a DVD.  I was interested to get to know my saint better and wondered why this particular Saint chose me.


Fast forward to the next morning.  I get up early, make some coffee, check email, check blogs, etc.  You know how it is sometimes… you read something… click through a link, read some more, find another link… etc.  The next thing I knew, I found myself  at THIS blog.  


Weird.  I go from never hearing of it to hearing of it twice in less than 24 hours.  Well, being a bit greedy, I decided one could not have too many friends in high places and I decided to email Marianne for another patron.


Several hours pass and finally an email comes in from her.  There is a lovely introduction, explaining what little there is to explain about the devotion and so on.  Eventually, the point comes for me to learn my [other] patron.




Tower of London, seen from the River Thames, with a view of Traitor's Gate, created by Viki Male 17/09/03 16:38




It was St. Thomas More.  Feast:  22 June.









The very same Saint whose name I drew the day before.



The very same one.



I was, well, shocked.  In a terribly good way, but it was shock for sure!  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe that St. Thomas chose me on Thursday.  It was just that I never expected any type of “confirmation” of that (or most things, really.)  I am very excited about this whole thing.  I can’t wait to see the relationship develop.  I can’t wait to learn more about St Thomas and how he can, and will, help me and inspire me.  I actually feel quite attached to him and really can’t imagine having a different patron in the coming years.  But I shall take things one step at a time.  



I have gotten over my apprehension over receiving a martyr for a patron.  Did you know that he is patron to large families?  That in itself is pretty cool.  He also promoted education for girls (something not considered very important during his time) and educated his daughters in spite of it simply not being done.  I am educating daughters, too.  He once ran a school to give classical and Christian education.  The classical method has been my choice of method from nearly the beginning of our homeschooling.


Yeah, I really like this guy and I’m so glad to have him for a patron this year.


Who is YOUR patron this year?  If you haven’t gotten one, it’s not too late.  Head over to Marianne’s site to see how to request yours.


Thank you, St Thomas More, for choosing me this year.  Thank you for your prayers and good example of faithfulness.  St Thomas, pray for us!


O Mary, conceived without sin, 

pray for us who have recourse to thee!






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