Gearing Up Again

It’s time to gear up for schooling again.  Time to write out “lesson plans” (some call my method “notebooks”… who knew “my” method had a name? LOL!)  Time to make sure our books are all easily available (i.e. out of their cardboard prisons!) and to add any books to our library that we still want.  Minimally, we have all we need from so many years of homeschooling, but there are always new books to discover, or long-discovered books that had to be culled through the years that we can now get to purchasing.  I try to do this twice a year.  Once in the summer before we gear up for another year of schooling and once after Christmas.  This year, I plan to be more organized.  This year I intend to plan out the new purchases for every month.  This year I plan to write out our lesson plans through the completion of this years goals.  This year I plan to not allow myself to get to the point where we’re flying by the seat of our pants!  Not that flying that way is always bad.  There is something very appealing about having a goal and filling in the details on the run.  But I think that being a bit more detailed will only help with everything in family life.  


It’s also time to gear up for another theater workshop for all three of our girls.  They are participating in a production of Disney’s “Aristocats.”  It should be a lot of fun for them.  The schedule is so very manageable this time.  They are meeting twice a week for 3 hours per meeting.  They will be done by 7:30 p.m.  They will meet for about 6 weeks and then give one performance.  


And, believe it or not….


It’s time to gear up for Christmas 2009.  I absolutely intend to do more handmade gifts next Christmas.  Knitting is an obvious choice for me.  But knitting things like adult sized sweaters and such takes time and planning.  So mostly it’s gearing up for this year’s knitting with a goal of being finished by the beginning of Advent again.  I realized that I really have to start very early because there are so many people in our family and when knitting a gift, I have to knit out of the view of the recipient.  Like most people I know, and especially like homseschooling mothers of large families, time is a commodity of which I don’t have a lot of excess.  So I need to gear up and get a plan in place.  I have already determined that for any garments, the oldest will be knit for first as they are unlikely to grow before Christmas 2009.  Wouldn’t it be shameful to spend so many hours knitting and knitting only to find that it won’t fit the one it is intended for?  I also need to work baby knitting in.  I know of at least 2 babies coming this year and I know a few women who are hoping they will have babies within the next year.


I guess this all comes down to looking toward the new year with great hope to make it better, more productive, more organized, more peaceful.  Having a direction, knowing where I’m going (generally, anyway!) and knowing what the goals are is what I seek each year.  I’d like to think that I make a little bit of progress in this every year, but clearly I have not arrived because I am stirred to rethink this year after year.  I’d like to believe that the Lord is prompting me to improve these areas, to get a bit of a handle on them so to better serve Him in the coming year.   I am unsure of how it will unfold, but with lots of prayer and lots of effort, I have great hope of being able to come to the end of the year having made some progress.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?


O, Mary!  Conceived without sin,

Pray for us who have recourse to Thee!


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2 Responses to Gearing Up Again

  1. KC says:

    I’m working on all that too but I need to finish the knitting by August. Ack!

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