The Main Event

We survived the main event!  Now it’s on through the 12 days of Christmas!


Unfortunately, I think our tree will have to come down soon.  It is very dry and has not been taking much water.  Not sure why, but I don’t need a fire hazard, so down it will come in the next couple of days.  


Our tree remained adorned with purple and pink ornaments from Advent.  We never did find the rest of the Christmas items.  We did not find any of the other Christmas decorations for the house.  We forgot to put the Baby Jesus outside in our lighted plastic nativity.  I was just glad that we did find the stockings!  When it came down to it, I did end up short on one of the kids’ gifts, but had a few “extras” to wrap, so it worked out alright.  I spoke to the “offended” child and we are going to go ahead and find a couple of things before Epiphany… I mean, it is still Christmas.


We changed some of our family traditions this Christmas.  My allergies were horrible yesterday (gotta love cedar!) and I was just exhausted.  MissCreativity and MissKaboom woke me up early.  They held off as long as they could, but in the end just couldn’t stand it.  They didn’t shake me, but rather kept coming in my room to “check” on me…. finally I just got up.  After that, I knew I was done for.  I was just so tired.  I did not do any baking yesterday.  We had no pies, no pumpkin bread, no jam tarts.  I told the kids I’d do some baking today, though.  Thankfully I got 8 hours of sleep last night.  The pollen count is still high, but I am better rested, so with no turkey dinner to prepare today (can you say leftovers?!) I think I can pull off some baking.  


We got to see our very dear friends yesterday.  They came over so we could give each others’ kids their Christmas gifts.  Those were some happy kids!  


I had a bit of a time getting the kids to settle down and get to bed by the time the day finally ended, but it was such a wonderful day.  I know everyone hated to see it end.  Even though I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I wished the wonder of it all would continue… but again, that’s why we have 12 days of Christmas, right?  LittleDood just had a meltdown at bedtime.  A day filled with excitement, too much candy and not enough “real food” will do that I guess.  I just kept holding him (mostly against his will) until finally the crying stopped and the snoring started.  Whew!  I was not far behind him.  I finished up a few things (very few) and hit the sack myself.  I don’t even remember my head making it all the way to the pillow before it was time to get up for the day.


Today is the feast of St Stephen, The Martyr

I found a coloring page here.


Even after 8 hours of sleep, it definitely a minimum of a 2-cup day.  I’m off for that second cup!  God bless you and yours this Christmas!


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