What the Heck? -*UPDATED*


I have been back to the site and I can now type Mass, Jesus, Christmas, Bible.  That is all I tested thus far, but it appears they heard us and have corrected it.

Good for you, Viacom.  Good for you.  I’m off to unblock the Nick channels now!

picture-5The above is a thumbnail of a screenshot of words I typed into their free draw screen.  




I was alerted to this via email.  I tried it to confirm it.  It’s crazy!  


Okay.  Try this:  On Nick, Jr.’s  “free draw” page, select the tool for typing a message (a large “A”)

Type in 





“President Bush”


Now, type in



“President Obama”


Now, I can see them blocking some things, especially if these are the pictures they show on the television between shows.  I can even see them being chicken about anything religious or political, but I do not get why “Church” is okay, but “Mass” isn’t.  I don’t get how I can type, “President Obama” (and he’s not even president yet!) and not “President Bush”  I don’t get how I can type Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but not Christmas.  When I typed “pro-life” i was not really surprised that it was blocked.  It’s a kids site for a kids channel.

But really?  Either all references to religious and political issues need to be blocked or none of them.  And, do they not realize that Christmas has a secular use, too?  Not everyone who tells me “Merry Christmas” is a Christian… yet they celebrate Christmas and wish others a merry one.  


Now, humor me one more time.  Type in:
Nick Jr. just lost a viewer.
You can contact Viacom about this:




a friend told me these are allowed:

terrorist, Sadaam Hussein, torah, Koran, Allah and abortion

KidJuggler posted a comment here saying:

Also, koran is allowed. Bible is not. Islam is allowed, Christianity is not.


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6 Responses to What the Heck? -*UPDATED*

  1. kidjuggler says:

    Contacted and they have lost a viewer.
    So frustrating and sad.

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  3. kidjuggler says:

    Also, koran is allowed. Bible is not. Islam is allowed, Christianity is not.

  4. AmmieJo says:

    Wow! That is unacceptable!

  5. darcee says:

    Looks like they removed the filter entirely now. I could type in anything.

    • Yes, I found that now, too. I am less concerned about that than the other because most 4 year olds who are using the nick, jr site probably are not typing those words. It’s not a perfect solution, but I prefer my kids to be able to write “Jesus” or “Merry Christmas” than a worry about a word that they don’t know or don’t think of anyway… And, honestly, I suspect that Viacom may have said, “Okay, you don’t want filters? Fine.” They could have still blocked profanity, really. I think I still prefer this way, though, if I have to choose one or the other.

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