Second Monday of Advent


Today started bright and early (okay, it was not bright.  It was still dark outside).


dsc_3296I certainly needed this!

Yum, coffee!!!



 It is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and second week of advent and we need to get  busy on a few things!


Cookies!!!  Yum.  




I started with chocolate crinkles. (BIG thanks to GuitarGirl for mixing up the dough!)  


 dsc_3312 dsc_3315 

Then moved on to Vannile Kipferl.

Soon we’ll do sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut blossoms, vanilla crisps.  Maybe I’ll have the kids dip some pretzels this year.  





I spent many hours this weekend designing and knitting a hat for GuitarGirl.  She saw a hat similar to this on television and really liked it.  The design definitely needs improvement, but considering it was done on a “wing and a prayer” it’s not too bad!  It will have bobbles of different colors when it is finished.  It’s a wee bit too short, but it should work until I can get another (improved) one done.


Today we bought a  small, lined basket to use as a “crib”.  We also bought a small baby doll. We will make this doll our Christ Child for our crib. We’ll make some “swaddling clothes” and maybe a halo for good measure.  We will be filling the crib with cotton balls for every sacrifice, every good deed that we offer to Him this Advent season.  

It really is time to dig the Christmas stuff out of the garage.  I think it’s a great job for CarKiller, but he has jury duty today (well, he has to report, he may get dismissed) so it probably won’t happen today.  No matter. There’s always something to do.  I think maybe our craft today will be simple snowflakes for the windows.  The kids always love doing that.


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  1. KC says:

    Those chocolate crinkles look yummy!

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