The Tree Fell

Fortunately, I was there and it didn’t fall ALL the way down, but still… it is not standing properly.  The base of the stand has a crack that we did not notice when we put it up.  *sigh*  I guess CarKiller is going to run out this morning and get a new one… and then we can switch it… oh joy!  With any luck, the same one will still be stocked and we can just switch out the base, but I suspect that may not be the case.  I mean it would be too easy, wouldn’t it?  (update: I actually went and got the stand.  No, I could not find the same kind.  Yes, we had to completely redo it and yes it was a pain!!!  But it’s done now, and that’s what matters most.)


Today is a regroup day.  We really need it.  I was stressing about getting everything done.  I knew there just wasn’t enough time for everything and could see no way to get things roped back in.  Then it occurred to me… we homeschool.  We set our own schedule.  If we need a day (or even a week!) we have the flexibility to take it and not worry.  There is no arbitrary “finish” time for our school year.  If we thought we would wrap up on 15 May, there is no reason to lock ourselves into that.  So what if it turns out to be 15 June?  Who’s in charge here anyway? Oh, yeah.  That would be me.  


So, on a day when there are dishes and laundry to catch up on, on a day which requires the floor be mopped, on a day when there are gifts to wrap and packages to mail, on a day that I NEED to go to the bank, on a day when the tree falls, prudence dictates a shift in plans.  I can do that.  I might be “in charge,” but I’m certainly not in control.  I think I’m going to go with what is staring me in the face, relax and do what needs to be done.  Yeah.  I can do that.


(update:  Regrouping was absolutely the BEST idea for today.  The entire atmosphere of our home has improved tremendously!)


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One Response to The Tree Fell

  1. KC says:

    That’s a big tree too!

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