The Tree And Other Things


Yesterday we took a trip out to a Christmas tree farm.  Now, in this part of Texas, “real” Christmas trees don’t grow well, if it all.  So the trees the farm grows are really not all that exciting for Christmas trees, but we will certainly return there again and again, if we ever have another live tree.  The folks there are really wonderful.  They provide hot cider, hot chocolate and popcorn (it was 72° yesterday, heehee!) They provide “play hay” and hay rides.  The folks there are really great.  Very kind, genuine folks.  Besides the trees they are growing, they also bring in trees from the Carolinas or somewhere.  We picked a nice 10 ft tree.



MissCreativity and I are working on making a very long crocheted chain, from purple yarn, to use as a garland this Advent.  We are going to make other purple ornaments and putting our Jesse Tree ornaments on the tree.  Yesterday, I fashioned several purple, bows from wired, fabric ribbon for the tree.  Later, closer to Christmas, we will be putting the regular Christmas ornaments.  Hopefully, CarKiller will get our lights on today so we can decorate the tree for Advent.  Of course, if we want to decorate the tree, we must bake cookies first!  Eating Christmas cookies is a must for tree decorating time.


MissKaboom and GuitarGirl are participating in a production of A Christmas Story (you’ll shoot yer eye out, kid!) at our local theater.  Their rehearsals are almost every evening from 6 pm to 9 pm.  It has made evening devotions all but impossible.  We are getting nowhere fast on Jotham’s Journey, the lighting of the wreath and the devotions that go with it have only been done with Littledood, MissCreativity and myself.  I think I am going to consider doing this at around noon instead of saving it for the evening.  It’s just not working out like it ought.  




Littledood’s new favorite books (besides The Emperor’s New Clothes) are Room For a Little One and Tonight You are My Baby.  I am sure we will be reading them again today… and tomorrow… and the next day…  but I can’t say I’m complaining!  


For Christmas preparation, I’m still trying to find the time to actually wrap the gifts that we have.  Getting them wrapped will be such a huge accomplishment.  I will feel so much better and will feel less stress once I get that done.  I think that I need to just take 30 minutes or an hour each day to do it.  Last year, I was wrapping at the last minute and it was not pretty!


Last night I went to a baby shower for a friend.  It was such a lovely time.  Oh, my!!  Her baby, Isabella Rose, is absolutely beautiful!  My friend and I run into each other occasionally, always sincerely meaning to make the time to see each other.  We have known each other since 1997 and our paths have crossed a few times, thanks to the Army, and yet as busy homeschooling moms, we just haven’t pulled it off.  It was so nice to see her and my other friends. It was nice to get out for a short while and leave the worries of the day behind and enjoy good company and fabulous cheesecake to celebrate this new little one!  I even forgive V. for the decaf! 


The last thing I want to say before I upload some pictures is that I am bubbling over with joy from the great news a friend has shared.  She is expecting!  It is so wonderful.  What a blessing!  I will have to let her remain anonymous until she announces the pregnancy on her own blog (they need to make sure all of their extended and far-away family is notified before putting it out in cyberspace.)  But she knows we are praying much for her and her little blessing.  I ask anyone who is reading this to take a moment and offer a prayer for my friend, her new baby and her family.  

 And now, for pictures! (click on thumbnail to see a larger image.)

dsc_3157 playing in hay dsc_3180  dsc_3177 dsc_3180 dsc_3181 dsc_3186 dsc_3188 dsc_3190 dsc_3192 dsc_3197 dsc_3205 dsc_3213 dsc_3215 dsc_3227 dsc_3231 dsc_3232 dsc_3233 dsc_3235  dsc_3256 dsc_3257  



That’s all, folks!


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  1. jess says:

    how fun! I love going to that tree farm.

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