Crunch Time… or… I’m Going Nuts!


Just to be clear:  This image is from LAST YEAR..  I am NOT wrapping and a tree is pretty far from my mind.  Okay, not quite that far, but far enough!


So, I sprinted out of the gate and quickly lost my momentum.  I started Christmas shopping with a bang… and now it’s nearly advent and I have so much left to do still.  Ugh.


I did place a large amazon order today, so that’s a good re-start, but man oh man i have to get moving. (I love how many different things you can get on amazon… or the internet in general for that matter.  And I get it all from my own home, dressed, not dressed, showered, not showered… full tank, empty tank….  LOVE IT!!!)


Half of the battle is the lists, though.  I have not gotten a list from SoldierBoy or CarKiller.  I’ve gotten a pretty lame list from GuitarGirl, BUT, I did have a stellar idea for her on my own, so I think she’ll be good.  Miss Creativity is difficult.  She has a list, but…. we like to get the kids one “nice” (i.e. big, spoil ’em like crazy) gift and she’s got pretty much nothing that fits that category on her list.  MIssKaboom isn’t much better.  A little, but not much.  The boy, Littledood, is the easiest of them all.  I mean, he’s almost 3 (turns 3 in January) so there are loads of fun things for him out there.  


Don’t get me started on Chief (HA HA!   You know I love ya, hun!  Just get me a list, would ya?  Thanks, you’re a “dole”)  Of course, I’ve not given him a list for me….  SoldierBoy is coming home for Thanksgiving.  He will also get to come home for a few days for Christmas.  YIPPEE!  That’s enough gift for me.  Still….. I wouldn’t turn down more Addi needles or a ball winder.

UPDATE #1:  Chief sent his list, per my request (and public nag 😀 ) this morning! YIPPEE!!!


I also need lists from my godchildren (the toddlers will probably be pretty easy, but the rest of them?  OY!)  I think one of the moms is ignoring my request because she is in the same boat I am…. and she doesn’t want to give away what ideas she does have!  You know who you are.  I love ya anyway!


THIS is why I try so hard to get everything done…  I get maniacal and I really don’t want to spend Advent that way.  And you know?  I know that Christmas is about Christ.  But it is also about gifts.  I mean how generous was the Father with us to give His Son?  I can’t outdo that generosity no matter how nuts I make myself, but I can “imitate” Him, in a small way, by giving generous gifts to my kids (as we are able.)  They know what it’s all about.  They know why giving gifts is an important part of our celebration, but not the most important part.


Are YOU done?  Have you started?

Let me know.


UPDATE #2:  Amazon…. they love me!  I placed another big order!  I also placed an order from another store, which I won’t identify in case “little eyes” wander over to mom’s blog.  I am feeling so much relief to have made such a dent.  I’ll be done in no time! 


UPDATE #3:  Amazon… I love them!  I’ve already got several packages on the way!  I get so excited to see that “your order has (partially) shipped” email!!!



AMAZON IS SO COOL!  I GOT A BOX TODAY WITH PART OF YESTERDAY’S ORDER IN IT!!!!! and no, friend, this was not something i ordered a week ago and forgot about! 😛


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6 Responses to Crunch Time… or… I’m Going Nuts!

  1. KC says:

    No!! I’ve made two hats. Out of 10. I am working on a million different things. I think I’ve bitten off too much. Sigh.

  2. CarKiller asked if I could make him a hat for Christmas (he wants a sweater, too). He designed the hat himself. With STRIPES… and not a couple of thick strips… loads of stripes (like changing every row or two!) I hate stripes.

    I’ve no earthly idea how I would possibly knit what he’s suggesting. I’ll probably be dreaming about it for weeks!

  3. teachinmom says:

    I’ve not started anything.

    I don’t even have a list of things I’m thinking about.

    Some of it even includes sewing!!!


  4. Cathy says:

    pshaw! started??!! If only that hubby of mine had more time or my kids were older, I could get out to look. I will get it done.

  5. jess says:

    I’m glad I am not the only one freaking out about Christmas gifts LOL

  6. AmmieJo says:

    I’ve started, but I’m just limping out of the gate. I really did plan to do better this year. I do have lists. I just need to get on it! And princess has a birthday first! AYE!

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