120px-car_tiresWhen was the last time you checked the pressure in your tires?


CarKiller and I had talked about needing to do it for a while now, but life kept getting in the way.  Today, as we left the grocery store and stopped to get gas ($1.84!! W00T!) CarKiller stopped to say, “Hi.”  (He was on his way to Mass at another parish… he overslept.) I asked him if he could check the tires quickly.


Eeek!  All of the tires had about 35lbs in them.  They are supposed to be at 44 lbs!!!!!  So he fixed that for me today.  Riding around on under-inflated tires is not a good thing.  Check this out.  Written by Wil Yeo.  Complete article found HERE :


Underinflated tire, while common, is really not something that is desirable and can be a serious liability. 

Here’s some good reasons why you should not have underinflated tires: 

* An underinflated tire can affect load-carrying capacity. 

* Underinflated tires cannot maintain the ideal tire shape and thus resulted in having more contact areas with the ground and require more traction to move. This in turn imply that more energy are needed to move the vehicle, which resulted in waste of fuel and at the same time cause the tires to wear out much faster. 

* Underinflated tires flexes more as it rolls, thus building up an excessive amount of heat and could damage the tire’s internal structure which can happen within an unexpectedly short period of time. In short, underinflated tire builds up excessive heat that may result in sudden tire destruction. This possible consequence is exacerbated when the vehicle is going at high speed.

* The overheated, underinflated tires can become rather soft and thus can be penetrated fairly easily.

* An underinflated tire will wear excessively on the edges of the tire than at the center, thus putting a great deal of pressure on the side walls of the tires.

* Driving a car with underinflated tires can result in a tire failure over time, such as tire blowouts, with the possibility of a loss of vehicle control and also crashes.


So, check those tires!!!!


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2 Responses to Safety!

  1. KC says:

    Eek! I need to check mine. I need to go get one of those tire pressure checker thingies.

  2. snowbabies says:

    Brookstone makes a great instant read tire pressure reader. We must have different tires. Mine don’t hold that much. Loving the gas prices!!

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