Soon to be on My Needles


This is on hold until I can get… Dale of Norway’s Baby Ull yarn!  I could not get gauge with the other yarn.  It is the same weight, but the fiber is different and it just wasn’t knitting up properly.  So I am going to wait and use the right yarn.  It should be on its way… gotta love the internet!



Here comes the next project!!


I’m working on my gauge swatch for a little baby ensemble by Dale of Norway.  It is project number 19704 from this book.  There are some really beautiful project patterns in here!!  I saw a picture of 19704 in a knitting magazine and just fell in love!  

However, that love, like all “young love” was not based on reality!  Ha!  No, I really do love it, but was surprised to see that it is worked with size 0 and 1 needles!  That’s a lot of stitches!


I am substituting yarn, as much as I love Dale yarns, because I already have some yarn that will work well in my “stash.”  I’ll be starting with the hat and booties and go for the romper and cardigan after that.  I figure if time becomes and issue, a hat and booties for my new niece/nephew will still be a good gift.  I really hope I can finish the project in its entirety, though, as it is not only gorgeous, but the little darling we are waiting on is my brother and his wife’s first child.  Such an exciting time!!!  


Here is a PDF that highlights the Dale baby pattern book.  The pattern I’ve chosen is the second one down on the left:  dale-of-norway-197  My friend, KC, plans to make the same pattern as a gift.  I think she needs to have it done around the same time that I do ~ sometime in December (perferrably early, I think!)  I emailed her, thinking that, perhaps, she already started and might give me a heads-up on how it is working up, but like me, she feels a little overwhelmed just looking at the pattern!  But you know, there’s nothing to do but to do it!


I was asked to teach a few people how to knit socks.  So, soon I will be starting a *small* sock knitting class.  It should be fun.  The “class” is already full.  My apologies to anyone I may know who would also be interested and is not in on this class.  I’ll do it again for anyone else who’d like to learn, but the group we have now really is at max capacity.  I think the next group will meet some time in the new year.


Okay!   Back to that swatch!!!


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One Response to Soon to be on My Needles

  1. KC says:

    I need to knit my swatch. Maybe that’s what I’ll do while I wait for the children this morning.

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