Rash, Rash, Go Away!

Little Dood (2.5 years old) has a mystery rash.  It started on his thighs, but has spread to his belly and his forearms.  It seems like a contact rash, but with where it is and where it isn’t and the fact that is spread over the past day or so, I just can’t be sure it’s contact and I sure can’t figure out what is going on.  It blanches, except at the very center of each spot.  His tongue is nice and pink, not red.  He’s had no fever and only allergy symptoms, or perhaps cold symptoms, starting about 2 weeks ago and diminishing to nearly nothing about a week ago or so.  Those symtpoms were nothing unusual, nothing serious.  Just nasal symptoms consistent with his hayfever.  


I hope that when he (finally) wakes this morning that I discover that the rash is fading and all is well.  Otherwise I’ll have to decide whether or not to leave him home during Mass tomorrow (obviously not alone…we’ll have to split up!)


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One Response to Rash, Rash, Go Away!

  1. snowbabies says:

    Poor baby! Did it clear up??

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