Holiday Grand Plan Update and Birthday Thoughts

Even though I haven’t mentioned it, I am still working on the HGP.  It is great that my Inspired Mission kicked in right about now, too!  It’s all coming together.  I’m supposed to be doing the kitchen for this week’s assignment and I am pleased to say, “Mission Accomplished!”  


I’ve also done a bit more shopping and added a few more items to our list.  One of the things I haven’t deliberately done yet is to start stocking up on items for the pantry for my holiday baking.  I need to keep that in mind.  I will be stopping by the grocery store this weekend, so I’ll have to add some of the things I need to my list.  During the HGP/IM kitchen purge, I made a LOT of room in the pantry, so I can really get moving on adding things to my baking section.  (flour, nuts, white sugar, brown sugar, chocolate, baking soda/powder, salt, spices, shortning, peanut butter, hershey kisses, dipping chocolate, jams, pretzels….. )  


I also want to get all of my favorite recipes in one place. I’ve got old, beat up cook books that have a few recipes and scraps of paper and recipe cards and printed sheets.  They are mostly in one area, but a few things are still scattered.  And they all have spills all over them.  I have a comb binder, so I really need to just sit down, type out all of my recipes and bind them into my own, private little book.  


If I continue on this route at this pace, I think I’ll be mostly done and able to really focus during Advent!  I am really looking forward to that.  


MissCreativity is turning 10 in just about 2 weeks (on All Saint’s Day.)  I am thinking about having a little party for her.  MissKaboom suggested we make it a surprise (the jury is out on that part) and that we make it centered/themed on crafting.  One idea I have is to get the kids started on making their own “advent calendar.”  My vague idea (i need to google!) is to make it banner style with pockets for each day that can be decorated with Jesse Tree symbols and/or other Christmas season symbols (both religious and secular… who doesn’t love a snowflake?) and and put 4 candles on top that the kids can add the flame to on each Sunday of Advent.  Because Advent is only consistent in that it is 4 Sundays, but inconsistent on the start date and total number of days, I think we’ll make the pocket calender to cover the days in December up until Christmas.  I haven’t made a firm decision on this yet, but I do think it sounds like a plan.


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3 Responses to Holiday Grand Plan Update and Birthday Thoughts

  1. jess says:

    The Advent pocket calendar is a great idea! I am making an Advent calendar that is like a patchwork quilt and each patch is a pocket to move the baby Jesus everyday.
    I do love a snowflake…too bad we never see them around here LOL

  2. KC says:

    I have a pattern to a really cute advent calendar. It’s simple and can be adapted quite easily to do what you want.

  3. teachinmom says:

    that sounds awesome!


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